My Corner of Bed Stuy (The NW Corner) As of March 2011

Here's how I delineate my corner of Bed Stuy:

A walk-through the 'hood:

Not mentioned but actually the most interesting place in Bed-Stuy:
Do or Dine (their Twitter, their Facebook) - A ridiculously interesting, irreverent and delicious menu by house workers (as opposed to trained chefs) from The Modern.  Fabulous food (sometimes foie gras donuts!!!) and outdoor dining available in Bed Stuy.  Of this little micro neighborhood section of Bed Stuy, the even more micro area from Green to Lexington is its own thing yet again.  A little yuppie alcove in Bedstuy instead of Clinton Hill, basically.

When I visited, I was so full and they didn't have the foie gras donuts that day, so I didn't eat there, but here are the things from that day's menu that leave me salivating:

-Watermelon Borscht with smoked blackberry "caviar" $11
-New Zealand Duck Breast with sansho, kiwi and fennel $19

From the Map:

1. Dough
2. Umi Nom
3. Pilar Cuban Eatery
4. Sweet Revenge
5. Alcatraz
6. Nice Pizza
7. Bedford Hill Coffee Bar
9. Bombay Heights
10. Tiny Cup
11. Cinnamon Girl
12. Jive Turkey
13. Taqueria Tepango
14. Black Swan

Honorable Mentions:
-Ruthie's Restaurant: I never went there because every time I passed by they were closed (apparently they're closed Mondays and Tuesdays), but it's supposed to be great soul food.  I hear good things about the candied yams, man & cheese, and perhaps the meatloaf and fried chicken.  Is it really anything special or just a bunch of butter?  Not sure yet.
-Punta Cana - A great little Puerto Rican/Dominican café with cheap, delicious food and friendly people!
-Heavenly Crumbs
-Colador Cafe - menu is vanilla, though food looks good; there's wi-fi; but it's really spotty, it's clean; there's a restroom; there's reasonably priced but boring beer
-Sucré Cafe - menu is all right; coffee's decently priced; server friendliness very hit or miss; comedy/music/wine nights sometimes
-Wally's Square Root Cafe - menu is boring, but food looks good; decor is cute (old soda machine and all, though I wish they had more soda options)
-Tigerlily - fun but flawed banh mis
-Bistro Lafayatte - expensive vanilla menu

-Sammy's Pizzeria


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