National Chain: Fast Food: Checkers

Once when hungover during a lunch break at work, I decided it was time to finally try out one of the fast food chains at which I'd not yet dined, especially as it was the closest place I could get a burger and fries.

They employ a classic, no surprises fast food menu, so I had the number 3:

a cheeseburger and seasoned fries
Happily, they do have ranch dressing, though it does cost an extra $.50.  The fries were actually pretty awesome.  I mean, if you're in it for fast food fries, you could do a lot worse.  They're seasoned, they're a bit crispy on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside, just like I like almost all of my food.

The burger tasted a lot like the burgers from my grade school days, which is to say "bad" but also pleasantly nostalgic.

If you hurry, by the way, you can apparently get it on a limited time only 2 for 1 special on a fish sandwich and a chicken sandwich they advertise as "2 Unreal Tastes. 1 Low Price", which I have no doubt accurately describes the flavors thereof.

Burger meat quality rating: 2/10
French Fry Rating: 8/10

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