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I've been meaning to go to this restaurant and bar on my freakin' corner pretty much since I moved in, and yet, other than one beer on my birthday in August when I was already quite beered out, I had never been until the other day (March 6th).  This is partially because, because it's so close, it's been easy to put off as something I'll always be able to do whenever.  On top of that, it's the kind of place you want to go to with someone else, and I don't so much of that in my neighborhood, other than taking people to Dough.

But Andrew and I finally planned to have dinner there, and we kept this plan this time.

Fortunately he knows well enough to defer to me when it comes to what to order.
salt cod fritters with a caramel ginger sauce

I didn't bother to bring my backpack of my camera, in order to take good pictures with the flash in this darkly lit restaurant, and I'm sorry.  I just couldn't get it up to be a total asshole that day.  These were fine, but honestly they didn't really rock my world, and the serving size was small (four balls, only a drizzle of the fancy fun sounding sauce) for seven bucks.  I realized though that without my backpack, I didn't have any Lactaid with me, so after ordering, I had to run home and back in the rain in order to be able to eat ranch with my fries.
Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich with Currant Mango Mayo and a small salad

This sandwich was very nice.  A curried chicken salad with a fun and yummy sounding dressing is always a good bet at a restaurant.  The bun was soft and sweet, except, oddly, there were a couple of stiff spots on it.  The salad was a simple and delightful bunch of greens.  It's $12 for dinner and $8 at lunch, so get it at lunch.  This was poor planning on my part.  See below for a breakdown of when to try what.
Black Swan Burger and fries($12) with a fried organic egg ($2) and swiss ($1.5) added

The burger comes with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes and whatever dressings you care for.  The bun is the same as the one from the chicken salad sandwich.  Burger rating: 6/10.  You could opt for the salad, but you get a crap load of fries if you go with that option!  They were medium-thick, lightly salted, with the perfect crisp out/soft in dynamic.  Fry rating: 8/10.  They didn't have ranch, but the waitress obliged my request for the chipotle mayo I noticed comes with the blackened salmon sandwich, which was, of course, the shit.  Of course it means that I'd run home in the rain for nothing, since I didn't wind up digesting any lactose.

They've also got a nice drink list, including good draft beers at $6.  During the daily happy hour from 11:30 AM to 8 PM, draughts, wine and wells are only $4, shots only $3.

On Tuesdays from 6PM-8PM, they do all you can eat mussels nights for $15.
On Wednesdays they do unlimited Prosecco for $10 from 6PM-8PM.
Thursdays get you $4 margaritas from 6PM-8PM.

What I'd order if I were you at brunch:
(For $16.95, you get one drink and your choice of entrees)
-Smoked Trout Hash Brown topped w/ 2 poached eggs sour cream and mango salsa w/salad
-Lemon Waffles W/ Fried Chicken please allow 15-18 minutes cooking time
-Breakfast Pizza individual pizza round topped with tomato, avocado, cheese, 2 over easy eggs and sour cream

At lunch:
-Island Spiced Roast 1/4 Chicken with rice, beans and collard greens $7
-Cuban black bean soup $5 (not sure if it's going to be anything really great or interesting, but it might be)
-Soup du jour
-Grilled portobello, caramelized onion, goat cheese sandwich with fries or salad $10
-Fried catfish sandwich with salad $9
-Curried chicken salad sandwich etc. with salad from above $8

Dinner (but these had better be good 'cause the prices are high.  Honestly, I'd steer you toward sticking to the lunch/brunch/late menus here, but if you're gonna do it):
-Roasted Island Spiced Chicken butter rum plantain mash sautĂ©ed collards $17
-Jerk Pork all natural berkshire french chop marinated in jerk spices w/ Brazilian kale coconut rice black beans $21

Late night (11:30 or 12:00 to closing):
-Fried Calamari with chipotle aioli for $8 (cheapest time)
-Veggie Empanadas for $6 (cheapest time)
-The Grilled Portobello Sandwich with fries or a salad is $10 at this time too.
-8 Piece Chicken wings for $8 (buffalo, sweet and spicy, Thai, or jerk) (cheapest time)

They have ever-changing dessert options.

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