Sahadi's: NYC: Cobble Hill

This past week I got robbed at a party and  found out my cat is missing, probably forever.

In other news, I'm finally doing my Sahadi's post. Sahadi's is this grocery store near Trader Joe's that imports all kinds of crazy awesome shit from all over the world.  Anything you buy there that you can get at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods will be lower at those higher mass stores, but there's a crap load of stuff I've never seen anywhere else (in the U.S.), and I pay a lot of fucking attention.  Sorry about all this cursing, the cat news was received less than an hour ago.

They sell coffee beans, bean beans, lentils, spices, dried fruits, nuts, various freshly baked breads, tons of olives, mountains of cheeses, jams, cookies, crackers, prepared foods (Mediterranean stuff), and on and on.

I tried the kibbee and tahini sandwich today.

After a bite, so you can see the meat

And it was good, but I'm still not the world's biggest lamb fan, though the beef helps.  I'd still go with the classic $3 falafel sandwich if I were you.

Every 8th customer at Trader Joe's also has a Sahadi's bag, and I'm always asking what they've purchased to find out about goodies there because the place is so big, so stocked and usually so packed that it can be hard to figure your shit out and discover stuff when you're there.  So I already knew I was going there for most of my shopping list today:

Fig Preserves - Mmmm!
Rose Petal Preserves - wow!  Tastes like something from my childhood that I can't quite put my fin...oh right, probably the rose petals in the potpourri my mom kept on the toilet seat downstairs

Pretzel Bread - Yes yes yes yes yes.
Cardamom Pods- Supposed to be amazing for all kinds of shit, but I haven't used 'em yet.  A customer told me to just place one in any chicken baking situation to imbue the whole thing with loads o' flavor.

pretzel bread with jams: very yums
$1 for this whole pack of 22 calorie rice puff cakey things

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