Dipping Sauce Heaven: Pommes Frites

I visited the dipping sauce palace that is Pomme Frites (East Village: Saint Mark's Place) back in the day when I used to make it a regular non-work day routine to wake up, go to a restaurant for breakfast, go to a random library in Manhattan at which I'd requested a couple of books, work out at the NY Parks and Recreation gym near said library, and then go to a restaurant near there.

One of such days brought me, for my post work-out meal, to Pommes Frites, where all they serve are Belgian fries and 26 sauces! As sauces make my world go round, clearly this place was a priority. When fries are referred to as "Belgian," all that means is that they're thickly cut fried potatoes.

A regular serving of Belgian fries with 3 dipping sauces, jalapenos, and raw onions

A regular serving should serve two sane people. God knows how many a "large" or "double" ought to serve (well, at least 3 and 4, respectively).

You get any 3 sauces for $2.50, so I chose:
1-Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo
2-Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo
3-Wild Mushroom Mayo

Raw onion, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, tabasco, malt vinegar, and mayo are complimentary. I wouldn't waste any fries on the boring sauces though.

Sauces, left to right: Viet. Pineapple Mayo, Wild Mushroom Mayo, Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo

The mushroom one was pretty good but underwhelmingly shroomy. The mango mayo was totally yummy and fun and different. The Vietnamese dude was far and away the best and most interesting.  Umami-y fish sauce in my dipping sauce? Don't mind if I do!  And mix them all with jalapenos and onions and (oh, hey, obviously don't go on a date here or go before a date or.. really within a week of one, just to be safe).

Others I'd love to try:
-Smoked Eggplant Mayo
-Pomegranate Teriyaki Mayo
-Irish Curry
-Rosemary Garlic Mayo (don't really need to try it, but clearly will be delicious)

They'll also do you a poutine here, but it's probably more fun to just stick to the wonderfully varied dipping sauces.

If you go to nearby Burp Castle for their super beer selection during happy hour (5-8 P.M. on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday), you will not only get a buck off their beers but also free pommes frites until about 6:30, by which time they're all gobbled up. I take it back, if a girl ever brought me to this happy hour for a date, I would instantly fall in love with her.

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