New Roma's Pizza - LES

When my mom was in town last summer and we went on our walking tour of NYC, which of course mostly revolved around food, I wanted her to try some good ol' NY style pizza in addition to the amazing pizza from Fornino I'd shown her the day before. It was a bit out of step with my plan, but my mom's feet were so tired from all the walking we'd done that she needed to sit down and rest for a while before walking over the Williamsburg bridge, so we stopped to eat some slices at Roma's Pizza.

I really wanted to take my mom to somewhere with really excellent quality pizza, but her decision to stop here, based on the amount of toppings piled onto the slices of pizza, taught me the lesson that sometimes you have to respect that not everyone you eat with is a foodie asshole.

Eggplant, Olive, Etc. Veggie Pizza

People have tastes and want to eat things they like and don't always have the drive you do to walk a mile out of the way to get something with a topping they've never heard of or to pilgrimize out to a joint that is supposed to be the best at something, etc.

Arugula, Goat cheese, Sundried tomato, Artichoke pizza

The pizzas were good. They're generous with the toppings here, offering good combinations and all. It's not the best quality with the softest, yummiest dough, but it was good enough to impress my mom, so I guess that's all that matters.

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