Best Cookies in the World: Levain Bakery, NYC

This bakery is famous for it's dark chocolate cookies. It's a little bitty bakery in slightly underground little space in the UWS. They were near closing, but they just had a few cookies out, plus one pizza and a couple of buckets of scones (one of which was Valrhona sourdough, which I would've loved to have had for sure). But I had read that no matter what happens, no matter what you're tempted to do, you have to get the dark chocolate cookie, so I did.

A big clump of chocolatey amazement


I mean, honestly, when you cram this much good dark chocolate into a cookie, it's gonna be fucking good, but still. And the thing is awesome at any and every temperature. And it lasts at least a few days. Over the course of three days I had some as they handed it to me, some from the fridge, some cold on the inside but warm and melty on the outside* (toaster oven), and then some all warm and melty (longer toaster oven).

I hope you appreciate the control it took to take a picture when I could've been eating this right then. *Possibly even better than a fresh out of the oven is a cookie that was been refrigerated and then is warmed just to the point where on the outside it's warm and melted and gooey, and on the inside it's still cold and a little firmer, so that you get both sensations at once, the amazingness of the layers adding to and complementing each other like the layers in well layered sushi. Mmm, like sometimes it's hard to decide between eating a package of cookies as cookie dough and eating it as fresh baked cookies, and this was you can have it both ways at once.

Worth every penny of its $4 price tag. Get it.

My friend Andrew who went with me got the peanut butter chocolate cookie. It was also awesome, though I do think the yelpers or whomever I'd read were right to say that the first priority must be the dark chocolate cookie. Oh my god though it's good. Just make it a tradition of some sort to go there often enough to try everything's my advice.

We had a bit of this one at room temperature, but then, lacking a microwave or toaster oven in Andrew's apartment, I put it on the skillet with a lid on top, and we melted it almost all the way through with a thin layer of crispy, popcorny, caramelized, just barely burntness that was incredible. I am going to try to replicate that shit in the future.

Levain Bakery on Urbanspoon

Levain Bakery on Urbanspoon

Oh my god, I just discovered dancing while lying on the floor. It developed out of my laziness to get up from off the floor of my bedroom, but simultaneously wanting to burn a few calories off the Levain Bakery double chocolate chip cookie I just reheated and ate, and it is really fun. I discovered this to MGMT's "Electric Feel, the Justice Remix."

I believe this is the second time I'd ever listened to that song, having downloaded it after hearing an endorsement of it on the Slate Cultural Gabfest.

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