Tio Pepe: NYC: West Village

During NYC gay pride last year, a group of friends and I popped into this place for drinks and/or food.  They really should've let their foodie friends (Amber and me) choose the spot, but they didn't know any better at the time.  This place is overpriced, the food is fine but not great, and the portions are small.  Instead of ordering some $20+ entrée that anywhere else would be $8-$12 and probably bigger in better, Amber and I opted to share the $11 guacamole.  It came in a big granite (or whatever) bowl, and it was probably about 6 oz.  It wasn't even that good.  I recall a lack of cilantro.  Eleven fucking dollars for that bull shit.  Ugh.  This is what people mean when they say NYC is expensive.  But that's why you should read my blog and take my recommendations, so you can avoid fucking traps like this piece of shit restaurant/rape center.

That being said, this $10 blueberry colada was tasty.
$10 blueberry colada

The one really redeeming thing was that it worked out well for me to put all 8 people's tabs on my credit card and just take their cash, and that got me a ton of Delta SkyMiles Dining miles!

It's a little surreal that I'll be moving away from this city in less than 3 weeks (supposing I find a place to live, yeeps!).

I'm also a little terrified about what will be my first visit back to anywhere to which I'd ever been before I moved NY (specifically, back to Dallas at the end of April) because on the one hand, I'm terribly afraid that while I feel like I have changed and grown to the point where I'm this stronger, much more confident, wiser, more adult human being who understands so much more about the world than I did when I lived there, I'll wind up reverting right back to feeling the same that there I did back then, buying into all the same old dramas and and insecurities and shynesses and dynamics and feelings I had, and then on the other hand... I'm afraid I won't at all.

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