1 or 8:NYC: Williamsburg

I had salivated over the menu at 1 or 8 months before I even moved to NY, due to its interesting fusion sushi rolls.  Plus, can you even think of a cuter name of a sushi restaurant?

So when the Time Out New York reviewer gave it 1/5 stars and said he wished there'd been "something here worth eating," I was shocked and concerned.  But then I realized he never mentioned trying any of the sushi at this sushi restaurant.  I tried three of the rolls the other day, and they were all very good.

Our drinks were just okay though, the lychee martini my sister ordered being a simple mixture and my shiso mojito being more aesthetically than gustatorily pleasing.

Shiso Mojito
We had some fava beans that were tasty, though nothing special:

Fava Beans

But we also had the pickles dish, which was a great appetizer. The pickling juice was light enough to really let the flavors of the various roots and vegetables shine.

I tried the yellowtail, mango and jalapeno roll served with a cilantro sauce; the sauteed mushroom, tuna, red pepper, and asparagus roll, accompanied by an even more delightful aji amarillo sauce; and then the pièce de résistance for my friends and me: the salmon mozzarella roll (talk about fusion), with salmon, mozzarella, semi-dried tomato, yuzu tobiko, and yuzu miso sauce.

Top to bottom: Salmon etc., yellowtail/mango etc., mushroom/tuna etc.

And don't worry if cheese and Asian food seems like too much fusing because it worked, and it was delicious.

The service was pretty great too, except that they asked us about six times if we were sure we didn't want dessert.
So to sum, don't go to this sushi restaurant if you don't plan on eating the sushi!  But if you do, you're probably going to love it!  At the very least, you should find it interesting.

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