Foodswings' Vegan Junkfood

My old friend Stacy, who has since moved to San Fransisco :'[, informed me of this all vegan fast food joint, which I first visited some time in the summer of '10.

That day I just wanted a treat, so I got "The Seymour", which is a pistachio ice cream, peanut butter and cookies shake.  It was very tasty, though they really should get thicker straws with which to suck the goodness out.  Could you make this at home by buying some vegan ice cream and blending it up with cookies and peanut butter (and maybe even make it a little better with some light coconut milk)?  Totally.  But how often do you really get around to doing such things for yourself?

A few months back I saw that Groupon was offering a $15 Groupon for $7, so I snatched that up, and I finally got a chance to use it the other day.

Yes, I ate $15 worth of vegan junk food for breakfast.  Don't judge me.

Which reminds me, here's a little snippet of their good ol' Willburgy bathroom graffiti.

For $8.75 I got a Combo Plate:
Mashed potatoes with three chik'n drumsticks
An ungodly amount of mashed potatoes.  Also, I didn't realize I needed to have ordered gravy.  If I had ordered it, I probably would've eaten all of the MP instead of the third I did eat, and then I would've felt even worse afterwards, so maybe it's a good thing.  But I still regret not having tried their gravy.

Sad foodie wishes lady had asked if I'd like gravy (but she was new)
Left to right: sweet southern fried bbq, bbq, southern fried
It has been pointed out to me that these are reminiscent of poop, but they taste...just the opposite!  Honestly, the bbq sauce drenched ones were good, but they were too sauced up.  The best one was the southern fried without sauce.

Looks pretty real, eh?  And nothing like poop from this angle.
I also had The Tank milkshake (or filkshake, perhaps), with chocolate ice cream peanut butter and cookies (still offering only small straws).  That was probably a misstep in terms of the volume of space available in my stomach, especially as I still had to drink the coffee I needed (for the caffeine as well as to take me over the $15 mark without ordering even more goddamn food).

They only creamer option they have is soy milk, which strikes me as odd for a vegan place (no almond? rice? grain? hemp?), and she didn't even ask about sweeteners.  I felt too sheepish to ask after Stevia, Splenda or any of my other calorie-cheating options, so I drank the thing down without it.  Their coffee is pretty bad, but it's a silly thing you'd probably never have ordered there anyway.

I was happy to see they're now selling pints of Lula's Sweet Apothecary vegan ice cream.  Maple and Waffles, mmm...

All in all, I'd go to this place all the time if:

A- I were a vegan or vegetarian
B- I were dating one
or C- I lived in any town other than NYC, where this would be novel

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