Jamaica Plain's Yuppie Grocer: City Feeds

Having recently moved to JP, people have given me their opinions about the various places to shop. So by the time I wandered in to City Feeds, I'd heard a number of times that this was the way-overpriced Yuppiefest store of the neighborhood. How exciting!

Fooling myself into thinking I was going to make healthy choices that day, I went with the $8 soup and 1/2 sandwich combo:

Carrot Ginger
 Okay, but not all that flavorful.  My sister's is better.

The Eightfold Path: "Locally made firm tofu, hoisin sauce, fresh cilantro, fresh mint, match stick carrots, cucumber, crushed peanuts on an Iggy’s baguette"

Tasty, but the hoisin sauce pretty much drowns the other flavors.

To drink with my meal:

Vermont Maple Soda

Delicious maple syrupy soda. What could go wrong? Well except that at one point I accidentally knocked it over and spilled some of my precious mapley goodness on the floor :[  I want to try all their sodas.

They called this an Oreo, which may be copyright infringement. I'd call it a Moonporeo to be simultaneously safe and more accurate. Defuckinglicious.

They have a full coffee bar situation.

My americano was decent but a little bitter and burnt. 7/10

Little Lad's Mud Crackers

They have all kinds of awesome looking shit from the Little Lad dude, and I bought the most reasonable priced option, this bag of Mud Crackers for $4. They're really interesting and addictive. I accidentally ate at least half the bag after that whole meal.

I'll regularly go back to try more fun stuff. I'm saving up my nickels for the $16 jar of pickled green tomatoes.

I was looking at these little cakes from 3 Little Figs they had wrapped up at City Feeds. I asked a guy who worked there his opinion on the best one, and he recommended the chocolate zucchini enthusiastically.

Cocoa Zucchini Cake with Walnuts (dairy free but with eggs)

I'm always happy to find dairy free but eggfull treats because I'm not a vegan but am lactose intolerant, and I find eggless goodies tend to be less dense. Sadly, this wasn't really dense anyway. Neither the chocolate nor the zucchini even really had much of a flavor presence, and it was a touch too crumbly and unmoist. This may be because I didn't get to eat it fresh out of the oven, but $3.95 is way overpriced for this thing. City Feeds is losing its charm for me. I get the feeling that the workers there don't have and/or give good and honest opinions about food. Also, they often act a bit snobbish and rude there. Hmph.


Iggy's Sticky Bun - $2.69- mmm so much honey, so many walnut choplets, so dense, so soft, a little too indulgent, but delicious. 

They do the LevelUp thing here now, so click here for at least $3 free here, which'll get me some free credit there too!

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