Flamer's in the Prudential

Burger Rating: 3/10
Fry Rating: 5/10

Having accidentally gotten drunk the previous night at an artsy, filmy crowd party, I got to the point in my day when I just had to get a burger and fries. Since I also needed to pic up an iPhone protector case before leaving for my 2 week trip, I decided to accomplish both of these goals at the mall near work, The Prudential Center. I didn't realize that. this being the Saturday before the big marathon, the mall would be packed, but that was just the way the cookies were dealt.

My foodie brain hesitated to get food from Flamer's as their menu is pretty standard boringness, but I actually met some pleasant surprises therein.

They had a sauce they were calling "Lumberjack Sauce" for their "Lumberjack Burger," and while I didn't need bacon on my burger that day, I was happy to be able to get the sauce and sub in some pepper jack for American.

Pepper Jack Cheeseburger with Fries and a Side of Lumberjack Sauce

Now, the burger itself wasn't that good*, but the bun was a big, soft on the inside but lightly toasted for a bit of a crunch on the outside affair, and you get to actually put vegetables on your burger.  Imagine that.  You can choose as much as you want from lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, jalapenos, and I fell like there must have been at least one more option that I'm failing to recall. The people were super friendly and clearly happy to give me whatever toppings and sauces I wanted.

The fries were all right**, but the lumberjack sauce was pretty good, some kind of sweet bbq mayo thing.

No seasoning to speak of and not the best crispy/soft dynamic: all limp, no crunch

I didn't order a soda because they only had Diet Pepsi (boo).  I had sat down a ways away after looking around in vain for a fun diet drink, and I'd taken off my jacket and coat, put down my backpack, and set my iPhone on the table, settled in and all, but then I really wanted some soda to make this indulgence fest complete, so I got up, put all that stuff back on, closed the food cartons, picked up my tray and walked over and procured a Diet Coke from the Regina Pizzeria I was near.

After taking all that stuff off, putting stuff down again, and taking a few more bites, I realized that, while this LJ sauce was pretty fun, I really couldn't stop thinking about dipping fries in ranch, so I put the jacket, coat and backpack back on, put my iPhone back in my pocket, closed the cartons, picked my tray back up, and walked back over to Flamer's to ask for some ranch.

Then I sat back down and settled in once again to enjoy my meal.

Ahhh, there we go.

The ranch was a bit weak, but at least my neuroses were satisfied.

They also had chipotle bbq and hickory bbq. So for a burger joint, it's not too bad, as dipping sauces are half the point of life.

And as any dipping sauceophile knows, orange is the ideal color for a dipping sauce:

Left: Ranch and mayo blend; Right: Lumberjizzle Sauce

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