Coming Soon: Denny's Baconalia Review!

Yes!!!!!!  Now I actually have to go to Denny's to do a review!  It's like a dream come true!  This is even better than KFC's double down! Update, here's the review I eventually did!

Say what you will, but while I have seen maple bacon ice cream before,

From City Feeds, an overpriced yuppie grocery store chain in Boston

dunno where this is from, but I found it on the internet after just a minute of googlage

I've seen at least half a dozen other bacon or maple/bacon ice cream pints at various grocery stores over the last couple of years.
which makes me roll my eyes at this ad

...bacon meatloaf is a more original idea.  Way to go, Denny.

Stephen Colbert weighed in; see it here.

The funny thing is, it's actually really hard to get to a Denny's.  There are none in Boston or NYC.  You know what?  I'm gonna just have to go to one when I'm in Dallas.

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