The Double Down at KFC

When the Double Down came out, I knew I'd have to try it at some point, which would be incredibly easy as there was a KFC on my corner. Every time I passed it by I thought about getting it, but I just couldn't get it up for a greasy fried guilt fest. Sometimes I'd have a whole plan for when I'd eat it (such as right after an intense work out so that maybe it could somehow be turned into muscle instead of gut), but I'd pass it by, grimace, and walk on home.

I brought up the situation with my flatmates one evening, and this one guy I lived with at the time, whom I'll refer to as a, um, slacker, said, "Oh yeah, the Double Down? So goood. I've had at least 5 or 6 of them. Let's go get some tonight!"

Thus, I finally went to get the Double Down from my KFC. In Bed Stuy, this meant that I had to announce my order through a plexiglass window, slide my credit card into a little rotating box, and receive my card and my "food" back through it.
The Double Down
Talk about not like it looks in the ads.

To be fair to KFC, I'm pretty sure this was one of the worst locations I could possibly have visited in terms of freshness. What was supposed to have been an delicious and indulgent sinful meal ended up as a limp, pallid, lukewarm letdown.

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