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After eating their delicious BBQ Pork sandwich (slow-roasted pork shoulder, apple coleslaw and red pepper aioli) at the Atlantic Antic* last September, I knew I had to explore this restaurant more.  The thing that really sold it for me was the pretzel bun it was served on, and I wanted more where that came from.  It was a 10 minute walk from where I worked, so I indulged in the fantasy that I could make it into a workable lunch break situation.

At 3:02, I dashed down the stairs for my bag and rushed out the door.  I made it to Building on Bond by 3:13 and, whereas they're now getting their website up and running, the menu wasn't up before, so while I had looked at the Menupages version I still felt the need to review their actual menu before ordering and of course had to then wait until the counter person came back, which shaved off a bit of time.  I thus ordered at about 3:18.  I was getting nervous as the minutes rolled by.  At 3:33 I received my food, and I rushed off toward work so that I could get back, take a picture, take some Lactaid, and eat my food while knowing how much time I had.

Unfortunately I took a stupid wrong turn at one point, so that I didn't make it back to work until 3:48, when I had to rush through the whole experience:
A hurried picture of B.O.B. Burger, fries and, lacking ranch as an option, a sun-dried tomato spread the waiter apparently thought a reasonable substitute

The BOB burger is a "special blend of ground beef and chorizo served on a pretzel roll with 1/2 a sour pickle," served with house cut fries for $10.  It was all totally delicious, but it would've been much better fresher and less hurried.  This was totally my bad, having accidentally placed 15 or so minutes between being served and eating.

On one of my last days before moving from NY, I went back with my friend Andrew to try more of the food by which I'd placed little stars on the menu.  As an appetizer, we got a plate of fries, this time with the red pepper aioli, which is what the first waiter should've given me.  This was back when my camera was shittier and I sucked at taking pictures anyway.

fries with specially requested red pepper aioli that usually comes on BBQ Pork Sandwich

Fry rating: 7/10

Andrew ordered the Black Friday: roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, port wine cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on pecan bread; served with a side mixed greens salad:
Black Friday

I compare all Thankgiving sandwiches with Mama Ling Ling's Thankgiving sandwich at Pom Pom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria in Orlando and so found this was wanting.  It tasted a lot like the Wine Country Chicken Salad from Trader Joe's, and the bread didn't rock me either.  So this dish tastes better on paper.

My Veggie Burger was a different story though:

Veggie Burger with green lentils, sunflower and sesame seeds and fresh veggies with sun-dried tomato spread, with gruyere added for $1; served with side mixed greens salad

This was very good.  I still didn't want too much of the bitter sun-dried tomato spread on this burger, much less as a dip for fries.  Don't get me wrong, I love sun-dried tomatoes, just not as much in these contexts.  It can drown out the other, subtler flavors too much.
The side salads were wonderful, the vinaigrette wonderfully vinegary and just, well, perfect.

The place is also cutely decorated, with funky wallpaper and most tables made out of table game tables.  This would be a great place for a fairly casual but nice date.  They have fun cocktails such as the Sucker Punch: hot pepper infused vodka, amaretto and pineapple juice.  The have a tidy little $6 draught beer selecter, including the Sixpoint Brownstone and Ommegang Witte, and there's also wine, about which I know very little.  The coffee and tea selection is also purposeful, with Chemex or Vaccum brewed on demand, sindle origin coffees and tea selections such "Northwoods Blackberry" and "Chamomile Spearmint."

They have daily specials (Taco Tuesday $10); dinner selections after 5 P.M. (such as Chicken with Broccoli, Rosemary & Carrot Puree with Peanut Sauce $14), and a pretty stellar brunch menu, from which you should order either the:

-BBQ Pork Hash Benedict $10 - Slow cooked pulled pork, poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise

or the

-Bond St. Breakfast Sandwich $8 - Scrambled eggs,bacon,cheddar,pico de gallo served with fries (egg whites 1$)

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*Written 09.27.2011:

I'd been hearing about this annual festival/gigantic black party for months actually, mostly at Trader Joe's from customers and fellow employees, and because of a fortunate coincidence I actually had yesterday, a Sunday, off from work, so I excitedly made my way to Flatbush and Atlantic to begin my adventure up the avenue toward the waterfront.  I would be meeting up in an hour or so with a friend, but, upon my lone arrival, I wound up typing my stream of consciousness thoughts about my first impressions of the street fare into my phone's clumsy little note program:

(as typed)

"People always pump up brooklyn events in a way that is often protesting too much in my mind, what a thorough chip all these people (unconsciously?) have on their shoulders about the whole bklyn vs "the city" thing. ppl actually say shit like, "so how you liking bklyn so far?" as if i moved to bklyn.  no, i moved to ny.  i live in an area of bklyn bc it's an affordable option with a reasonable commute to the things i care about most.  that being said, im actually really starting to enjoy this atlantic antic thing, with all the middle eastern people and businesses out representin' today, playing their music and shit. and some asian (as in, oriental of some type) dude in the middle of the street was standing there, very respectfully holding some papers out for ppl to accept or not, not pushing them or shouting or anything. and i almost just walked by, but then i stopped, and looked to make sure it wasn't just some christian doomsday shit, and it didn't look like it, so i accepted it, and then he said, with what seemed to me a quiet sincerity, "thank you."  and it was a pamphlet on how vegetarianism and veganism are better ways of life for us individually as well as for our ability to thrive here on earth collectively much longer, as well as a "go veg!" pen.  

and lots of artists and various sorts of craftspeople are peddling stuff i actually like.  and the music's pretty good, and the way the sound carries works pretty darn well.  theres a dude rapping, a chick on a violin, and a chick fucking blaring on a trumpet (and a drummer and a guitarist).  these guys rock. okay so maybe i kinda fucking heart bklyn.  omg i think i just got converted and have become one of those fucking bklyn ppl.  omg i just realized six point beers are being sold ON THE STREET right in front of me.

i feel happy to be a member of the human race right now.  i just fucking supported local artists!  10 dollars for 2 cds is pretty good though..  these people aren't bullshitting around.  oh and i've fallen hypothetically in love with this one chick here selling beer.  she may be in the picture in the video i've taken of the band; i'm not sure.

but it's like now that i've made up my mind to leave ny and move to boston next year, ny is trying to suck me back in.  or rather my mind will always doubt my plan of action.  this must be what it was like for amber when she planned and made up her mind to move to la.  in fact i remember her talking about this.  no!  damn you, ny!  you also make me so unhappy!  fuck you and your schemes to pull me back in!  Would it be offensive or awesome if i bought and wore that t-shirt over there that says, "stolen from africa"?"

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