Trailer Park Lounge: NYC: Chelsea

Early on in my days in NYC, a girl once wanted to go to the Trailer Park Lounge for a date.  The decor is trashy, as promised.  The food menu is boring, and prices range from reasonable (burgers are $9) to over-priced (sweet potato fries or tater tots are $6.95).

Alcohol prices are silly.  PBRs are $4.75, Miller and Bud $6.  Or you can order one of these expensive cocktails:

Margarita Pitcher rocks, frozen (for six) $42.00
Frozen Strawberry Or Mango (for six) $45.00
Paradise Hawaiian Style mucho 3 kinds of rum, pineapple brandy & passion fruit juices, served in a real pineapple (for two) $32.00
Lovers Concerto potent, jumbo frozen fruit margarita with special surprise (for two) $29.95
Jim Bob's IQ this blue concoction will erase any previous sign of intelligence you might have had $14.75

We split the cheapest one for two, the Lover's Concerto:

Lover's Concerto

Oh now I remember.  It was Cinco de Mayo, and we wanted to get a margarita or something to be festive.

It was pretty and tasty, and it had a nice amount of tequila, but it's definitely not worth thirty bucks.  The surprise was more tequila.  I think if you're gonna go with a trailer park thing, you should make shit actually cheap, instead of it just being a gimmick with theme park prices.

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