B Bar and Grill: NYC: East Village

I went to B Bar and Grill with Jenn and her friend M. after a "sex festival" (erotic poetry and performance stuff) because we could get a 25% discount there due to M.'s job nearby (I'm protecting M.'s identity just in case).

They bother to keep a fairly interesting menu here, but we just wanted to keep things fairly inexpensive, and Jenn and I weren't hungry enough to order more than one little something or other to share.  Thus, we kept things small but interesting enough by ordering the truffled mac and cheese.  Obviously, Lactaid was consumed (two pills, to be safe).

Mac and Cheese with Gruyere, White Cheddar, Parmesan and White Truffle Oil $10
I guess for $10 you can't expect to be given much truffle oil, but I mean, if I hadn't read it on the menu, I never would've known it was there, and those of you who've had truffle oil know that's not cool. This macaroni was boring, and I advise against ordering it.

M. got a burger:

Bowery Burger with Cheddar and Fries $11

This burger was fine, like you if you make a medium-quality-meat burger at home.  The fries were thinner and crisper than I prefer.

Burger rating: 6/10
Fry rating: 4/10

If you ever wind up here (no real point in seeking it out), I'd suggest ordering these:
-Crispy Duck Tacos with fresh ginger, cucumber, radish sprouts, rice and beans $15
-Roasted White Eggplant Pizza with ricotta cheese, rosemary and crushed red chile flakes $12
-Asparagus Pizza with robiola cheese, leeks, green pea shoots, and extra virgin olive oil $12

There are some more expensive entrees that sound pretty good, but if you're in it for a $19-$26 entrée, you'd be better served going somewhere more renowned for its food, judging from the burger and mac 'n' cheese.

That being said, the brunch menu has a Lemon Poppy Seed Waffle option that I want to try, with peach compote and lemon crème fraiche for $10.  I wouldn't pay $10 a pop for their bloody marys or mimosas though.

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