Birch Coffee: NYC: Flatiron District

After arriving on the Megabus to NYC and getting my No. 7 Sub, I needed more coffee as I'd only had just enough to make it to the bus at 9 A.M. that morning. I'd planned on trying Stumptown's americano on my americano tour, but Jenn, who met me there, said that we should go to Birch Coffee, where we could sit down. The Ace Hotel lounge was pretty full, so I went along with it.

I'd just try their americano.

They have a tidy little menu that's somewhat interesting, but we already had our sandwiches, so we just ordered coffee and headed up the "The Library," a nice little section upstairs with chairs, tables and couches, a water stand with cups and a restroom.

The coffee was good, but unfortunately we were told they didn't allow outside food eaten there.  I think this is a bad business decision as it makes the customers feel a little embarrassed and awkward.  It doesn't make me want to buy food there, it just makes me feel less inclined to ever patronize them again.

I had been having positive feelings about their menu and their weird book collection (I flipped through a tome on daily readings for alcoholics), but now I think of it as a somewhat unwelcoming, uncomfortable place. Here's my defensive mind at work, "Fucking pretentious little hipster losers."

My quest for somewhere to eat a No. 7 sub other than a park bench continues.

Americano Rating: 8/10

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