Museum of Sex's Oral Fix Aphrodisiac Bar: NYC: Flatiron District

I readily scooped up the Groupon for admission to the Museum of Sex, or MoSex if you prefer, though sadly I accidentally let it expire before using it.  Fortunately, the nice man at the cash register let me use it anyway, and then he gave Jenn and me each a $1 off coupon for drinks at their OralFix Aphrodisiac Cafe, which I must say is about 78% of the reason I really wanted to go to this museum.

You can always, by the way, print a $3 off coupon from their website, which is good considering the high price of admission to this little museum: $16.75.

Strangely, I would up going to this museum just a few days after attending a "Sex Festival"*, so I was seemingly on some sort of life theme.

To get to the bar, you go down the stairs, past the $1 coat check stand and into a little room painted all black with 6 tables with stools around each one.  At the end of the room there's a little counter with a wall of bottles behind it as well as a glass case with a handful of little overpriced treats.  Far from the way the website describes the food bar, with a fig, prosciutto, cinnamon, guarana and rosemary nibble and an almond, maca, butterscotch cookie bar with hibiscus sugar for instances, there were a few little cupcakes and cookies, nothing particularly interesting.

We got drinks.

I ordered the Montezuma: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chile with a Coconut and Sea Salt Rim, a concoction that was supposed to effect stimulation and euphoria.  I topped that off by adding a shot of vodka for $4.

Montezuma with Vodka
It tasted like a watery, chocolately little.. drink.  I couldn't really taste the vodka.  The rim was pretty tasty.

Neither of us can quite remember or figure out from the website the name of Jenn's drink.  It was some kind of rose, lavender and god knows what else drink that ostensibly gives you +2 to seduction.  Her drink was pretty good, and while she got hers virgin, it actually tasted like vodka.  I even asked and confirmed with the bartender that she put vodka in the Montezuma and not the rose thingy, but she assured me she did it according to our order.

Sexy Rosy Lavender drink

All in all, I'd say skip the drinks.  They're silly.  If you go and they actually have the foodstuffs I mentioned from their menu, try some of those for me and let me know how it they are!

*I'm not even going to attempt an explanation now.

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