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OpenTable (an online reservation company for higher end restaurants that got into the online coupon game a few months ago) offered a $50 for $25 deal to Maya, and I couldn't resist it.  I'd been drooling over Richard Sandoval's menus since Thrillist exposed me to them more than a year ago, so I figured I wouldn't regret this purchase.

I knew that I'd be spending more than $50 though, which is one of the conditions that makes it worth it for companies to go the Groupon route, and so I didn't get around to this until my last week or so of living in NYC.

It was a cold day, and they took out coats from us.  Then I realized that I had left my coupon and my Lactaid in my pocket, so I had to ask for it to be brought back to me.  I tried rooting around in one pocket after another to find these things but wasn't having any luck, and so I eventually just started taking every item out one at a time, Mary Poppins style: gloves, keys, wallet, phone, pack of gum, matches, ah here we are.

After ordering the cheapest drink drinks available ($6 Negro Modelos), which I'd also actually enjoy and that might accompany my food nicely, we set out deciding how to get the most we could out of this menu for the least amount of money.

Our plan led to our ordering, for starters, the Plato Maya:
Plato Maya an assortment of maya’s signature dishes chile relleno, quesadillas, tamal al chipotle (serves 2)  $29

Listed individually:

-Chile Relleno chile poblano, shrimp, scallop, calamari, gouda cheese, black bean purée, chile de arbol sauce. 15.00

-Quesadilla Surtidas corn masa, oaxaca cheese, chile poblano rajas, zucchini, tomatillo and tomato salsas, crema fresca. 9.00

-Tamal Al Chipotle steamed corn masa, shredded chicken, sweet chipotle sauce, crema fresca, avocado, chive oil. 10.00
The chile relleno was really good, the quesadillas not everything for I'd hoped for, and the tamale was actually the best tamale I've ever had - I've historically not been a big fan of them, and this one was pretty great.

And then we split the Mahi Mahi entree, or "Plato Fuerte" as the menu lists entrees.
and the beans, with a sprinkle of cheese
Rice that comes with it

Mahi Mahi chile guajillo-citrus marinated mahi mahi, wild mushroom, chile poblano-potato puree, huitlacoche, chile chipotle aioli, panela cheese  $28

The fish was pretty good, the puree was fun, and it was beautiful.  The thing I enjoyed the most was how much Jenn enjoyed the food.  She found it all quite remarkable, she having only lived in Virginia and NYC, places where you really have to work(and/or pay) for good Mexican food.  For me though, I'm so used to what you can get in Houston for so much less than this, that I'd never go back to Maya.  We ended up each spending $20 on top of the $25 I paid for the coupon.  For way less than that I can get food that's at least as delicious, just with less pretty wording and presentation.

I'll be in Texas in a week and a half.  Hell yes.
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