Slice - The Perfect Food: NYC: West Village (also UES)

I once happened upon Slice after working out at the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center Gym.  The menu is pretty fun stuff.  You can get gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or glutinous, cheesy meaty pizza slices or pies.. a veritable Choose Your Own Adventure story here.

They have all kinds of great toppings (and you can of course do a build your own) and great preset pizza options.

The "Honors" section of the menu is the most fun, especially "The Guru", "The Bomb", and "Taste of India," the latter of which I tried.

It comes on a honey whole wheat crust with chana masala and organic mozzarella.  I paid just $4.50 for the slice, but I received a serving that was actually 4 small slices.  I don't know if that's because the waiter with whom I'd gotten into a good conversation was being generous or the servings are just that rad here.  I'm actually guessing the latter.  Honestly, it's probably the most bang for my buck I've ever gotten in Manhattan.

I guess I didn't take any pictures.  I thought I did.  Maybe because I was enjoying a conversation with the guy working there I thought it too douchey.  Goddamit I hate when I stop myself from douchery.
I feel bad because I promised the nice young man I'd come back and visit him there again after he told me his schedule.  But I never have.. yet.

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