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The morning after a night of bad decisions, I was poking around on my phone's restaurant-finding apps, alternating between suggesting getting the Denny's thing out of the way and that since I didn't even have that much of an appetite maybe I should finally give my body a break and go somewhere where I could just get a fucking salad, while Caleb was hoping for an outdoor patio but mostly really just wanted to go somewhere where he could get a Bloody Mary. This was Monday though, not the biggest brunch day, so we weren't sure quite where to go for that.

We somehow finally settled on going in to the Dixie House for breakfast (at about 1:30 PM). We would later find out that this is Black-eyed Pea, just under a pseudonym, presumably to make southern cooking fried-ness sound charming rather than trashy.

Amazingly, they had a Bloody Mary for Caleb

Bloody Mary
Served in a big frosted goblet, no less. It was actually pretty good. And Caleb said he thinks it did make him feel better. God knows he felt better than I did that day, so there you go.

They give you complimentary bread and whipped butter here, mmm...

soft white rolls
and cornbread
As you can probably see, the cornbread was a little dry, but it did have little jalapenos pieces in it, so that was nice.

Shepherd's pie, baked squash casserole, and fried okra. I asked for jalapeno ranch, but considering the color and flavor, I think I was given just plain ranch

The shepherd's pie (not technically a shepherd's pie since it was beef and not lamb) was tasty, but I wish it hadn't had ketchup in it. The baked squash casserole, which they claim as a "signature dish" was fine. The fried okra as well were fine. I wish the waitress had gotten the jalapeno ranch request right. The ranch ranch was a little bland. All of this food was actually better the next day when I paired the leftovers with some bbq chicken at my friend's dad's house.

Blackberry Spinach Salad - "Fresh Baby Spinach mixed with crumbled bacon, diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, crumbled Feta cheese and whole blackberries, drizzled with homemade blackberry vinaigrette."

Now, normally I quibble about a sum-of-its-part dish like this that one might easily enough be able to make at home. However, it's actually pretty rare to find a blackberry vinaigrette, and how often do you get around to putting blackberries in your salad?  On top of this, this whole salad is only $4.29 ($3.29 with an entrée).

Fried Green Tomatoes! - "Hand cut fresh green tomatoes battered in our Southern cornmeal breading and fried crisp. Served with a spicy remoulade"

The fried green tomatoes were great! Sadly, the remoulade wasn't really spicy, but it did have some nice horseradish. Actually that was the majority of the flavor. It could've used more depth and dynamic.

It's a big place with friendly waitresses and big portions for not too much money.  I'll never choose to go here again myself, but I enjoyed myself, and I recognize that plenty of people would love this place.

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