The Blue Stove: NYC: Williamsburg

While staying a friend in Bushwick, I picked a coffee shop within walking distance that she highly recommended: The Blue Stove.

She had told me of their bacon cheddar apple pie (take that Denny's with your insipid "Baconalia"), but I would be sad to find out that it's only offered seasonally, unless you make a special order for a whole one.

Ah well, there were many other delights from which to choose.  To accompany my americano, I chose the pear ginger crisp.

Americano rating: 8

Pear Ginger Crisp

This pie was absolutely wonderful.  And it's another lesson in how awesome food and drink pairings can be. Taking a sip of my americano right after a bite of this pie was blissful. And it's also another lesson in how wrong I used to be in thinking I didn't like pie.  I'd just had a lotta shitty pie.  The ginger was pretty subtle except in the crust, but I felt it was best that way, as you wouldn't want a lot of spicy ginger burning your taste buds while you tried to enjoy your pie with your hot and bitter (in a good way) coffee.

I wound up spending a good 45 or so minutes chatting with a young man on the stool next to me about around a billion things.  He was the recipient of not only my normal ebullient talking but also the extra special "Arielle's drinking coffee right now oh good god what isn't she going to talk about during the course of this conversation" breed.  He got several words in edgewise though, and I found out, for instance, that he has a food blog too!

He apparently participates in food challenges, so I'm excited to glimpse into that world.

I hope to return to The Blue Stove in the future to try the bacon cheddar apple pie and/or any more of their wonderful baked goods.  Or if nothing else it will live on pleasantly in my memories, among the first of several places that taught me important lessons about quality baked goods and coffee/pastry pairing.

One funny thing was that I was never sure when to pay here.  They didn't mention price or paying when I ordered, nor did they when I picked up my food, nor when I was handed my americano.  After the 45 minutes I was there, I went up the counter and said I'd like to give them some money.  I'm always getting confused at some of these coffee shops that are so laid back about paying.  Someone give me a script!  Also, it's cash only.

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