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Crif Dogs: NYC: LES: Saint Mark's Place

I took the Boltbus down to NY on Friday, and now I can wholeheartedly continue to recommend Megabus as the best bus option, but I won't get started on that right here. This was because of diverted traffic and not Bolt's fault, but my 4.25 hour trip instead took 7.5 hours.

I took my suitcase down from Penn Station to Knickerbocker Village to pick up various appliances from a friend's storage unit that I would finally be taking back to Boston with me.  Then I went to Union Square to meet up with another friend Maria who was giving me her keys so that I could stay at her place in Washington Heights that weekend.

My original plan was that those interactions would be concluded by around 6 PM, with me going to Washington Heights to Maria's apartment to get her keys there and drop off my stuff before heading out for foodie adventurousness and potentially going to one of the various pride parties to which I'd been invited.

Sadly, it was now already 8 PM, I didn't feel …

No No No: American Bakers' Cafe

Having volunteered to be a research participant in clinical trials regarding the effect of folate levels on certain kinds of genetic sequences (or, um, something like that) in schizophrenic people (I was part of the control group, thank you very much) at Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown, I decided to have a little foodie adventure in that as yet unexplored area.

A condition of the study was that I couldn't eat or drink anything but water that morning, so afterwards I needed food and coffee, stat.

My Google Places app informed me that the nearest option for such that was also really highly rated was a place called Style Cafe. I walked down there and went in, but I quickly decided I could already see exactly what it was: a generic, run-of-the-mill coffee shop/breakfast food place. You can pay for someone else to make you an egg sandwich or scramble and make you some coffee. It's also on the water, so you can have a beautiful little experience, eating your food on th…

Trader Joe's Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Taste Test

Best Tacos & Beer Joint in Ft. Collins, CO: Matador

FA Rating: FF
Price: $
Dipping Sauce Hall of Fame
Awesome Beer Selection

My Texas -> Colorado transplant friends tell me that the Mexican food situation in Colorado is pretty sad. Fortunately, they have found a little haven of cheap, delicious, Mexi-food in Matador Mexican Grill.

Sadly, I forgot my camera when I went with them to Matador, but I did take pictures with one of their old phones.

I wasn't hungry enough to eat more, and I apologize:

I had to have some fish tacos:
Fresh and delicious!

And they have my favorite thing a restaurant can have here: a shit ton of sauces. I asked the guys there if I could buy some chips so as to have something with which to try them. I really wanted to try them all, and they were so great and generous about letting me try whatever I asked for. I still didn't try them all, but almost.

Here's the list:
-Pico de Gallo
-Chip Salsa
-Maple Jalapeno

-Chipotle Honey Corn Salsa
-Smokey Jalapeno Chipotle

Best Pastries in Boston: Canto No. 6

My favorite thing about my apartment is that it is right next to a coffee shop/bakery, the realization of a dream I've had since I was fifteen. I recently happened upon an audiobook I listened to a few years ago, Daniel Gilbert's Stumbling Upon Happiness - a book, by the way, I'd highly recommendto anyone. In the introduction, Gilbert goes through the cliche of asking the reader to imagine what she'd do if she knew she only had 10 more minutes to live (as part of a much more interesting point - don't worry, it's not one of those kinds of books).

I'm proud of myself that my first thoughts were actually of the calls I would make to loved ones and not food, but my second thoughts was that I would also dash down to Canto No. 6 (Jamaica Plain) and order a double espresso and whichever pastry looked best that day plus a salted chocolate chunk cookie. And, yes, this would be my choice partly because it's the only good option close to me, but I'm extremely …