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When I visited my college town and friends on my recent trip through Texas, I wanted to stop at a place I'd heard about called Twisted Root Burger Co. I attended to the University of Texas at Dallas, but it was actually located in Richardson (one of the DFW Metroplex suburban city situations). Richardson has a few cool restaurants (2 vegetarian/vegan-friendly Chinese places, a delicious and inexpensive Italian restaurant, an Ethiopian spot, a nifty little Chinatown and some great and inexpensive Indian food), but it hasn't exactly been a place of trendiness, fusion, or any sort of cutting edge.

So when I saw that TRBC opened a spot in Richardson, I wanted to go.  The location here is actually in a relatively new and trendy little center, along with an Asian Fusion/Sushi restaurant with a decent menu and somewhat inflated prices, a Cajun place that got there really early (and at which I once ate - an indulgence day dine, almost every menu item including the word fried and/or cream), a Jersey Mike's Subs, a New York Pizzeria, a Chicago Pizzeria*, a Panera Bread, and a few other places.

The menu is pretty standard (burgers, hot dogs, fries, sweet potato chips) except they also have other meats seasonally (buffalo (always available), kangaroo, elk, boar, venison, antelope, lamb, ostrich and alligator), and they make everything in house (including condiments). They make their own root beer, so if you're lucky, they might have a fun flavor (coconut, banana, cotton candy, cinnamon-pecan, etc.)  It seems that the fun root beer flavors are more likely to be found at the Deep Ellum location, though. Also, they sometimes give fun discounts (wear your best booty shorts to try for this one).

There was a long counter with a bunch of pickles one could take back to her table for her food or an appetizer.

They had spicy pickles, sweet pepper pickles, and bread and butter (my favorite).

When you order and pay for your food, they give you a card with a random (other than being gender-specific) movie character on it.  I was Lara Croft.  This was sort of cute, though completely pointless, other than being something to talk about for a couple of minutes with your friends.

When I went to this location, they had beef, veggie, elk, ostrich and venison burgers to choose from, so I had to get the meat I'd never had before.
An elk burger with pepperjack cheese and guacamole

Big ol' burger, mmm
Actually I'm not the biggest fan of gamey meat, so it wasn't my favorite thing, but it's my fault for ordering something I knew wouldn't really be my cup of tea.  If you like gamey meats, they've got you covered.  Otherwise, just stick to the more conventional options, and you'll be happy, like my friends did:
Bacon Cheddar Cheese Dog

Regular burger with pepperjack and sweet potato chips

They serve bottled beer and some alcoholic shakes (amaretto-Oreo and banana-Bailey's) as well as lots of non-alcoholic shakes and, of course, house made root beer floats.  I tasted the root beer, and it was good.  I was catching up with friends I hadn't seen in too long, and they had a nice patio at back where we were able to sit and chill for a while, but it'd also be a great place to watch the game.

They have all the good toppings for the burgers, as well as fried green beans and fried spicy pickles, which you can dip in some chipotle ranch.  Sadly, I was trying to be somewhat healthy that day, so I just had a burger, but this place is best experienced when you're ready to chow down.

Apparently, the guys who opened Twisted Root decided to get into the food business after he got fired for telling an idiotic customer off at some lame corporate job he used to have, which is pretty sweet, though I hope he also told off some corporate idiots while he was at it.

They now have 6 locations, but the best one to try, especially if you want all the menu options, has got to be the Deep Ellum, which was on Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives!

What I really want to try is their sister restaurant, Cowboy Chow.

*I want a restaurant chain called "Texas Pizzeria" to emerge.. But pleasedeargod with an awesomely Texan menu and not just some bull shit where everything is just drenched it BBQ sauce, chili and jalapenos (not that those things shouldn't make appearances of course).

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