Best Tacos & Beer Joint in Ft. Collins, CO: Matador

FA Rating: FF
Price: $
Dipping Sauce Hall of Fame
Awesome Beer Selection

My Texas -> Colorado transplant friends tell me that the Mexican food situation in Colorado is pretty sad. Fortunately, they have found a little haven of cheap, delicious, Mexi-food in Matador Mexican Grill.

Sadly, I forgot my camera when I went with them to Matador, but I did take pictures with one of their old phones.

I wasn't hungry enough to eat more, and I apologize:

I had to have some fish tacos:
Two fish tacos with guacamole added

Fresh and delicious!

And they have my favorite thing a restaurant can have here: a shit ton of sauces. I asked the guys there if I could buy some chips so as to have something with which to try them. I really wanted to try them all, and they were so great and generous about letting me try whatever I asked for. I still didn't try them all, but almost.

Here's the list:
-Pico de Gallo
-Chip Salsa
-Maple Jalapeno

-Chipotle Honey Corn Salsa
-Smokey Jalapeno Chipotle
-Cranberry Jalapeno
-Honey Jalapeno

-Mango Jalapeno
-Easy Street Habanero
-Fat Tire Jalapeno
-Honey Habanero
-Strawberry Jalapeno
-Wasabi Habanero
-Little Red Ghost
-Ghost Honey
-Ghost Ranger (all the Ghosts are made from the hottest peppers on Earth, "ghost peppers", and New Belgium Brewery's Range IPA, yikes!)

From bottom left to top right: maple jalapeno, wasabi habanero, strawberry jalapeno, honey jalapeno, mango jalapeno

I prefer my salses and sauces in the medium range because I want some heat but also lots of flavor that I can still enjoy without the pain. It was fun trying all of those though. And while mild is lame, just think about maple jalapeno sauce on your breakfast food (and then complement it with a hotter sauce!).

They also have a dozen or so bottles of other hot sauces (tapatio, tabasco, etc.)

On top of the delicious, very reasonably priced food, they sell beer there all day and every day for $1.41! They have a few awesome beers from local breweries on tap, plus lots of bottles! New Belgium, Corona, Pacifico, Kona, and more!

Good to note: owned and operated by locals, using local, fresh and real ingredients always

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