Hickory House: Lamar, CO

When on a Colorado to Texas road trip with my friend Cortney, I wanted to stop somewhere totally random and weird in order to have a totally random and weird review of some place in the middle of nowhere. She only semi-understood/was willing to accomodate me in this, so we wound up stopping at Hickory House in Lamar, Colorado. Well, I got food from there while she opted to get a Pizza Hut personal pie. I'm mostly going to let the pictures do the talking.

These were things for sale in the restaurant:

"10 Reasons Why a handgun is Better Than a Man" t-shirt

"All God's creatures look bet next to the mashed potatoes and gravy."

For wall decorations, they had this assortment of low quality photographs of their food, hung slightly crookedly on the wall.

"Rural Coloradans are buckling up more than ever!" 

I chose to get some ribs with the salad bar, which after tax and tip was about $12.

My salad bar selections

The ribs came with a baked potato and baked beans too. The ribs were about the quality you'd get if you bought a bag of frozen ribs from a supermarket, baked them, and slathered Masterpiece Original on them.

And buttery Texas toast!

Extra butter, sour cream, and honey

Behold, my feast!

"Oh dear god, what am I about to eat?"- Me
"You have to eat it! It's for the good of your food blog!" - MY friend Cortney

"Not bad!"

Yes of course it was actually pretty bad. In the sense that it was similar to public school cafeteria food. In the same sense, totally delicious!

Pretty respectable job, eh?

We ate in this park.

"Let's swing off a couple of those calories."

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