I have a soft spot for 7-Elevens because of some vague childhood memory involving a Zebra cake and one of my cousins being really kind.

That being said, they're kind of horrible.

I found, for the first time in all of the places I've been to in the northeastern part of the country, Diet Dr. Pepper on tap!!

Oddly, it was Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, but that's arguably even more awesome.

Diet Cherry Vanila Dr. Pepper!
Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi and DCVDP!  Word.

How fucking random!  Too bad the syrup was off and it tasted watered-down.

And the other night, after going to a few cool bars (The Corner Tavern, The Otherside Cafe, and Bukowski's) and getting a bit drunk, a friend and I split a cab out to our neighborhood, using a 7-Eleven as the halfway point between where we live, which of course afforded us the perfect opportunity to gobble up some silly, wonderful 4 AM food.

He got some potato wedges and taquitos, and I didn't feel like taking a Lactaid and thus got a beef empanada:

Beef Empanada

I was drunk, so it was really good.

I came across this at a 7-Eleven:

I always get tempted by 7-Eleven's ever-changing flavors of sugar free Slurpees. But when I try them, they taste sickeningly sweet and the consistency is stupid: a bunch of liquid sips at first, and then just ice left over. If they can't come out with a good sugar-free Slurpee, they really shouldn't offer it.

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