A Neurotic History of my Blogging Habit

I got started with the blogging pretty early on, with a Xanga or two (or actually three, but that one is all privatized now), and a MySpace Journal.  Nowadays, I have 3 Wordpress blogs and 15 Blogger blogs (I only linked the ones that don't completely make me want to bash my head into a cement wall).  Most of these are in states of near or complete disuse, the only ones I really care about being WhitherWillIGo.blogspot.com and NakedAfterPeeing.Wordpress.com, though I occasionally post a little random something on one of my Xangas.

Obviously, I have a bit of a blogging problem, though I've definitely made progress!  I've also gotten rid of many neurotic activities in my life, such as making a list of every product I ever tried at Trader Joe's with my notes on how it was.  I also had this horrible blog for a while where I had to do the same for every health food or packaged meal or really almost anything could fall into this category.  I can't believe the time and energy I spent on shit like this.  Good god.  Though there are moments when I actually wrote a bit that are kind of cool to have (scroll down to the Kashi: Good Friends part), but mostly it was a completely neurotic dump of OCD feces.

My OCD blogginess still has me by the balls, so to speak, but I am clearly getting better when you compare the Foodie Asshole blog to this old purely negative restaurant review blog I'd forgotten all about until just now and especially to A List of Health Foods which, when I think about it nowadays, sends me into one of those laugh/cry sessions.

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