Big Daddy's BBQ (formerly Nathan's BBQ)

My parents were going to be driving me from Austin to Houston, and so we planned what foodie-ism to partake of on that route. I needed to get in some good Texas BBQ (as opposed to this fiasco), and so we determined we'd stop at a place they love called Big Daddy's BBQ, which is still more famous as Nathan's BBQ.

It's cafeteria style ordering, and you can look at the menu if you want. You could order a sandwich, for instance, but, especially if you're only going to be eating here once, you really ought to get a 2 meat plate, which includes two sides and a slice of bread.

My mom had been telling me they have ribs as good as any she's ever had, so it was a given that I'd be getting some of those. The one meat plate is $6.99, and the two meat is $7.99. For the one meat plate, you can't order ribs, clearly because they're more expensive. However, you could order double ribs for the two meat plate if you wanted. We all really wanted to get some brisket too, and we asked the man behind the counter how many ribs you get if you order double ribs for the two meat plate. He said you usually get 3, as opposed to 5 or 6 with the two meat plate. We decided 3 ribs and some brisket was a pretty sweet deal and all opted to get that two meat plate.

Actually I just remembered that my parents shared one plate, while I ate a whole plate by myself. Well, look, I don't get to eat good BBQ that often! Don't judge me.

The man was so nice that he actually wound up putting 4 ribs on each of the plates, right next to a generous heap of brisket. Everything really is bigger in Texas.

Brisket, ribs, white bread, onions, mashed potatoes with cheese, broccoli cole slaw

A better look of the meat

Beautiful.  The brisket was tender and delectable.
A rib close-up

These ribs were tender and juicy and perfect. My mother was right. I was ecstatic to have four of them.  The mashed potatoes and broccoli cole slaw were also everything they should be. Creaminess abounded in both. Everything on that plate up there (plus a bunch of the pickles, jalapenos and onions) tasted good in every combination I put in my mouth (and I put every possible combination in my mouth).

Condiment Bar: pickle spears, pickles, pickled jalapenos, onions, limes and lemons

The "After" Picture

There's also a neat store connected, which had, among many other things, these products that I would've liked to buy, if only my bags weren't already going to be so tightly packed on the flight back.

The Saddle Leather candle was my favorite.  It really smelled like saddle leather.  I want it :[

I see some reviews where haters wanna hate. If you think the BBQ here sucks, where can I find better ribs? I must eat them!

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