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Whole Foods: National Chain

Inspired by this disgruntled former Whole Foods employee's delightful resignation screed, I am finally getting around to starting some Whole Foods coverage.

I, like all other foodie assholes and yuppie fools, can't help but love Whole Foods in some ways.  If there's a food or diet meme, no matter how nascent, you can probably acquire whatever it is at Whole Foods.  You can also wander the aisles and learn about new food memes or simply be delighted by all the wonders.

That being said, most everything there is of course, immorally expensive.  And not everything ends up being good, as opposed to Trader Joe's, where just about everything tastes good (often surprisingly and seemingly magically so) and costs a reasonable amount.

So I'm going to share my experiences with various products at Whole Foods.  I'll see if the fascinating foodstuffs actually taste good, and I'll give you the low down on what is actually worth buying there.  There are certain products th…

Sometimes I Get Emails Like These

People sometimes ask me to link to their article/ad pages on my blog.  I wish I understood this one better.  It's not the first time I've been asked to link to this site that's all Online Certification Program stuff, with an article seemingly thrown in.  That being said, I actually learned a little from the article, so I'll share the email I received with you.

Hi Arielle,
I recently discovered your blog, and I have become a frequent reader. We recently published an article 10 Foreign Phrases Every Foodie Should Know that dovetails well with your audience. Perhaps you would be interested in sharing with them?
Here's the link: (
Thanks for the great content, and I hope the article I've linked primes your interest.

Regards, Jena Ellis

Jennie-O and Bitro Truck Turkey Burgers: NYC: Roaming Food Truck

A couple months ago I got an email from someone inviting me to come appear on the show Eat St. because they were going to be covering the Bistro Truck, a food truck in Manhattan about which I had written this tiny little review (having lost my picture of the food and written about it months after I actually ate it).  To my utter dismay, there was just no way for me to go to NYC that weekend.  It was Boston Pride, and a friend was coming up from Orlando to visit me.

I was happy to hear from someone who at least must be related in some way a couple of weeks ago, inviting me to a tasting event for a new partnership between the Bistro Truck and Jennie-o Turkey that would take place at 11:30 AM on Monday, July 25th.  Would I like to come try their new turkey burgers at their media event?  Yes, yes I would.

I bought my Megabus ticket, figuring that, since I knew I'd want to work on the Sunday before (you get time and a half on Sundays in Massachusetts), I'd just take the midnight bu…

Boudro's: San Antonio: The Riverwalk

I'd eaten at a few places on San Antonio's Riverwalk before, though not since I was 16, and when I knew I'd be coming to San Antonio for a day during my recent vacation, I thought I'd steer clear of that tourist area and explore some lesser known restaurants.  Two things changed this: 1) I wound up actually going to San Antonio for an extra day in the middle of my Austin time, before going to Houston and then back to San Antonio, which meant more restaurants in general, and 2) my friend's friend with whom we were staying during that first trip told us that Boudro's guacamole is on some list of 1000 things to eat before one dies, so we penciled it in.

We accidentally passed the place up as we walked along the restaurant-laden stretch of the 'walk, as it's got a fairly small sign announcing its presence.  It's on the opposite side of the walk as Casa Rio, and it's between The Republic of Texas restaurant and the mall stuff.  The easiest way to spo…