Frying Pan/Pier 66 Maritime: NYC: Chelsea

I haven't eaten much food here yet, but I wanted to mention Frying Pan because it's such a good thing to know about.  At Pier 66, which is where 26th street meets the Hudson.  It's on a ship that's totally open to the public for free.

Food and drink are available to buy (it's order and take, not full service), there's a water dispenser of which anyone can make use gratis.  AND, wonder of wonder, there are NICE public restrooms down below.  You could bring your own picnic here if you wanted.  You could bring cards and chill on a ship on the Hudson.. the possibilities are limitless, really.

The kitchen is open from noon to midnight.  It's not the most imaginative menu, but you can get burgers, wraps or sandwiches with fries for $10-$13.  At lunch time, beers are $5, at dinner $6, or you can always get a $22 pitcher.  They also have wine.

Sometimes they have a frozen drink bar open, but this is to be steered clear of. Someone will mix you a cheap, sugary strawberry daquiri, pina colada, or margarita flavored syrup with rum and ice and charge you 10 bucks for it.

I had the strawberry daquiri.  It was cold, so there's that to say for it.

me with a frozen "strawberry daquiri"

One of the girls I was with when I was there recently ordered the lentils, of which she had one or two bites before offering the dish to the rest of us, which I was happy to take off her hands:

French Lentils with preserved lemon - $4

I have no idea why she gave this up!  It was great!  Nothing like the horrible lentil soup my parents made us kids eat the day before Thanksgiving each year as their system of pre-penance for the sins of gluttony we'd be enacting the following day.

While we were all drinking beers and whatnot on the ship, this group of yogaists had a session, presumably to show us how awesome they are:

what assholes

haha jk, it's pretty awesome

How great would it be to get a group of friends to dress up as pirates and get together on the boat and play around?  I wonder if people at least do this on National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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