Luke's Lobster: NYC: East Village (also other locations)

Luke's Lobster is such a great place to get a lobster roll in NYC. $16.43 after tax, it's at least among the best deals, and the quality doesn't suffer. Quite the contrary.

Chunks of lobster on a lightly toasted but thoroughly buttered, folded slice of white bread. They use mayo, but the mayo pools at the bottom, joining with either added butter or possibly excess butter coming up from the bun. It creates the perfect hybrid between the (inferior) Hot Lobster Rolls from Connecticut, which are just butter and lobster, and the New England style lobster roll with mayo, to somehow become better than the sum of it's parts. Even the way the mayo and butter collects at the bottom of the roll creates this amazing bite dynamic where the lobster stays somewhat separate from the creamy sauce in your mouth in this way that actually seems to heighten all the flavors. You really just have to try it so you don't think I sound crazy. For me, this created a blunt hum of pleasure that I can only describe as comparable to postcoital bliss. Add a tiny squirt of the sriracha - available for you on the counter - and you get thrown into the coital bliss zone. Yes, it's fucking good.

Crab Roll: This one has more creamy sauce, and it was deeeeelicious. Like the cigarette after sex.

I've still gotta try their empress crab claws, New England Clam Chowder, Spicy Crab & Sweet Potato Bisque, Corn & Shrimp Chowder, and Haddock Chowder. I can't wait to see what sexual equivalencies these provide.

As of now, they have this East Village, an UES, a Financial District, an UWS, a mobile truck, and a Washington DC location.

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