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Hungry but waiting to meet up with friends before eating, I wandered around the 2011 Gay Pride parade fair.  When I realized it would be long enough that I could eat something without ruining my appetite, I decided I really wanted something little like a kebab.  All I wanted was meat on a stick, preferably with vegetables, but either way.

There was nothing particularly interesting around, so I decided to take the opportunity to finally try one of the generic food trailers that come to all the fairs, just to see.  When I went up to the counter, I asked how much for a kebab.  It turned out it was $6 for a kebab (a little ridiculous) and $7 for the kebab meat plus onions and peppers on a roll.  I really didn't want a roll, but I did want peppers, and for one dollar more.. yes yes, I know this is how they get ya, but whatever.  I successfully satisfied my curiosity, and that is what I choose to think of as how I spent my money.

Looks okay doesn't it?

Well, it wasn't.  The bread was kind of stale and definitely flavorless.  The chicken was chewy and seemed old too. The peppers were nice enough but so drenched in oil there was just nothing to feel good about here.  I threw a lot of it away, and it wasn't even that hard to do.

Here's the pointer.  Of course, you always want to go to something unique, look around at a fair until you find something interesting as that will also indicate that they'll be passionate about serving you good food.  If you want to go for something you might recognize, look out for an Empanada Mama or someone with arepas, always solid fair choices.

If you want the meat, avoid this clusterfuck (where I got the above piece of crap):

in favor of this:

Get a gyro!

Later that day, my foodie friend Amber decided she finally needed to try fried Oreos.  Apparently they only sell them in lethal quantities, so she had one for me to try.  By the time it made it to me (after a series of ridiculous attempts for our group to figure out where we were going to eat dinner, ultimately meeting up at Pier 66's Frying Pan), it sadly was no longer hot out of the oil.

Fried Oreo

The lesson that Oreos are one of the wonders of the world became a fully realized fact to me when I was working at a chocolate factory shop in Orlando and realized that, more than Twinkies, potato chips, nut clusters, fruit fillings, creams, graham crackers, pretzels, truffles, or even brownies or Nutter Butters, for some reason, even after they had to start leaving the trans fat out, Oreos seem to be the most crack-like dessert treat known to man, and the most rewarding thing to coat in dark chocolate and devour.

Thinking back, the most dangerous treat for me as a fat kid, was probably a package of Oreos.  I grew up right before calorie controlled packs, and even if they had been around, my mother only bought in the most economically efficient package sizes, which never include reasonably portioned amounts.  Who could stop eating Oreos?  You eat one regularly, you savor one after doing the cream/cookie split, you dip one in milk, you eat a couple with peanut butter, you chop some up into ice cream.. I'm surprised Reeces got the "no wrong way" line as it applies even more to the wonders of the Oreo.

Even though Oreos are a quite simple idea, the cookies 'n' cream situation continues to be one of the most rewarding flavors of anything.  Anyone who's ever tried Trader Joe's Joe's O's 'n' Cream Ice Cream and, perhaps even more so, their Candy Cane Joe's O's 'n' Cream Ice Cream, knows that Trader Joe's and the Oreo (okay, "cookie-cream sandwiches") have once again taken this simple concoction to transcendent levels.

That being said, a fried Oreo is exactly what you think it'd be like if you fried an Oreo in batter and then dipped in powdered sugar: fucking delicious.
If it had still been hot, I'm not sure I would have the willpower to pause and take a picture of the inside.

Now, where will someone sell me a fried peanut butter* creme double stuff Oreo?

*or coffee, or chocolate creme, etc.

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