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As I enjoyed my coffee, pork meatball slider, and donut holes at one of the nice little shaded benches at the Hester Street Fair, I talked to an older Jewish married couple who live in the LES, and they were eating food from the Brooklyn Taco stand that looked so good.  From glancing at their stand earlier, I had noticed that their corn elote looked better than most I've seen anyway, but this close it was becoming even more irresistible.

Then I noticed one could get $1 off* an order for tweeting about 'em, so my mind was made up.  I'd just have to pack a taco and cob of corn in, despite the fact that I would be attending a vegan potluck birthday dinner within an hour or two.

I have little doubt that anything you order from them will be delicious, but I got the Local Chorizo Taco:

Their menu mentions the chorizo not requiring any accompaniment other than a little fire-taming lettuce and crema, and while that may well be true, I still had to get me some of that mango salsa.

So good.  The chorizo was one notch saltier than my preference and not quite like what I'm used to from Texas, but it was nonetheless delicious.  You can see the perfection of the mango salsa from the picture.  It could have been spicier, but this way it's a total crowd pleaser.

Corn Elote: steamed with mayonnaise, chile powder, cotija cheese, and lime

I loved the amount of topping on their corn.  A lot of places give you big globs of mayo, whereas here you get a nice even coating layer.  I don't know what else I'd ask for in street corn.

*One can receive discounts and coupons if one signs up for their newsletter via email on their website.

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