Intoxicating Confections: NYC: LES: Hester Street Fair

So far on a certain Friday in NYC, I had had a pork meatball slider, an iced coffee, 5 caramel donut holes, a chorizo taco, corn elote, a double espresso, a mocha mousse, an IPA, a whole bunch of food at a vegan potluck birthday in McCarren Park, 3 or 4 more beers at a party in Crown Heights, and a couple pieces of the most indulgent carrot cake I've ever seen at the same party.

When I was ready to leave that party and take the A train all the way from Crown Heights to Washington Heights to go to sleep, I needed to leave in part because my stomach was really starting to hurt.  But, I still had the three mini cupcakes from
Intoxicating Confections that I'd bought that morning at the Hester Street Fair.  Obviously, I needed to eat them now.  Would they even still be good tomorrow?  I couldn't let them go to waste!

It was hard, but once on the A train, I ate them all.  I felt like I saw judgy glances from my fellow passengers out the corners of my eyes.  If only they knew just how judgmental they should've been about my gluttony.

Left to Right: Mudslide, Whiskey Ginger, Champagne

Vanilla chiffon cake with champagne frosting

Mocha swirl cake with irish cream frosting

Ginger cake with whiskey frosting

The Intoxicating Confections people sell
alcoholic and non-alcoholic cupcake options.  The flavor combinations are mostly predictable, but there are some fairly original ones, such as the Bocce Ball (Orange cake with cherry pie filling and amaretto frosting), a Rum and Cola Cupcake (Chocolate-cola cake with rum frosting) and the Carbomb (Chocolate-stout cake with whiskey ganache filling and irish cream frosting).  And the predictable ones are predictable in god ways, such as the Whiskey Ginger, the Mojito and their newest flavor, the Pina Colada.  They're just plain fun.

They taste good.  I wished the cake had been denser and the cream creamier, but then at the time I ate them that actually might have killed me.  I spent about 40 minutes on that train nearly doubled over in gastrointestinal anguish.  This was of course my fault though, and not to be blamed on the cupcake people, except for the fact that they seduced me into buying them and later into eating them.

I thought the Mudslide was the best of the three I tried, with the most present flavors.  I reflected as I ate the small confection that I was having a Proustian madeleine type moment with the coffee cupcake.  So many memories and mixed emotions about coffee, always creating more.. mmm...

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