Mighty Balls: NYC: LES: Hester Street Fair

I arrived at the Hester Street Fair ready to eat.  I had read and drooled over lots of descriptions of the food available at this fair each Saturday from 10-6 in an article in one of the Time Out New York magazine issues that inexplicably arrive each week at my apartment (I never signed up for it and certainly don't pay for it, but it started arriving 3 weeks before I moved to Boston, like some kind of attempt for NYC to keep me from leaving and/or drive me insane.  They've even updated my address to my new Boston address.  I really don't know what's going on with that).

On Saturday morning, I woke up and came straight from where I was staying in Washington Heights down to the LES, in desperate need of food and coffee.  After getting some iced coffee from the Wonder City Coffee and Donut Bar, I wanted to start off with something savory, before coming back to WCCDB for their donuts.

After making the rounds, I determined that the thing I needed to do most with my savory calories was to try a pork meatball slider from Mighty Balls.  When I asked which sauce was the best, the lady helping me recommended the African Onion sauce.

Pork Meatball Slider with African Onion Sauce - $3

It was terrific.  The bread was soft and the ratio of bread to filling was spot on.  The sauce was creamy and just a little tangy, with loads of delicious, juicy, just-a-bit-crunchy onions.  It was really hard to resist getting another one (for just 3 bucks!), especially after the interaction I had with the woman who served me this one.

When I asked her (a different woman from the one who recommended the African Onion sauce) for the African Onion sauce, she asked if it looked good to me before she put it on my pork ball.  I told her it looked great and mentioned that dark yellow was one of the most promising colors for a sauce.  She asked whether I also enjoyed orange in a sauce, and I replied that yes, orange, yellow and pink are clearly the three best sauce colors.  She showed me one that doesn't even seem to be on the menu*, which she called a spicy feta sauce.  It was a beautiful pink color, and in the moment, I believed I would come back for it.  But I had so much food to try at that fair, not to mention a vegan picnic to attend a couple of hours later, that I couldn't come back for it, which breaks my heart.

I also NEED to try mighty hot jalapeno jelly sauce, the "not your average brown sauce," and the cranberry horseradish sauce.  One day, one day...

*It may be that it's the spicy feta listed as a $1 cheese add on, in which case, I could've ordered it AND another sauce...

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