Wonder City Coffee and Donut Shop: NYC: LES: Hester Street Fair

Probably the biggest draw for me to put the Hester Street Fair on my agenda were Wonder City Coffee and Donut Bar's donut holes.. with orange zest and mashed potatoes in the dough.  But by the time I arrived, I'd forgotten what exactly I was there for.  Upon arrival at the fair, I got coffee from them first, which was fine.

Then I walked through the fair to look at all the food options available.  When I went to Mighty Balls, they had the Time Out New York article I'd read about the fair on their table, which is how I was reminded that the Wonder City mashed potato donut hole things were why I was there in the first place.

So after a breakfast of a pork meatball slider, I headed to the donut bar for dessert and paid $2 for 5 donut holes with caramel sauce drizzle.

I believe I could sense the orange zest, but a mashed potato flavor eluded me.  They were pretty dense though, so maybe the point of the 'tatoes is just the texture and not the taste.

Perhaps you can see the molecular structure of this hole is different than, say, a Dunkin' hole

If you go to their location at the Brindle Room in the East Village, there are other options besides caramel and you can get actual donuts, currently: chocolate hazelnut with almonds, chocolate peanut butter, and powdered sugar.  Now I've gotta go try their actual donuts, not only for the yummy flavors, but also to see how the donuts themselves hold up to my favorite donuts as well as to see if I can really get a sense of the mashed potatoes in the dough.

And of course, this all raises the question: how about mashed sweet potato donut holes?

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