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I'd eaten at a few places on San Antonio's Riverwalk before, though not since I was 16, and when I knew I'd be coming to San Antonio for a day during my recent vacation, I thought I'd steer clear of that tourist area and explore some lesser known restaurants.  Two things changed this: 1) I wound up actually going to San Antonio for an extra day in the middle of my Austin time, before going to Houston and then back to San Antonio, which meant more restaurants in general, and 2) my friend's friend with whom we were staying during that first trip told us that Boudro's guacamole is on some list of 1000 things to eat before one dies, so we penciled it in.

We accidentally passed the place up as we walked along the restaurant-laden stretch of the 'walk, as it's got a fairly small sign announcing its presence.  It's on the opposite side of the walk as Casa Rio, and it's between The Republic of Texas restaurant and the mall stuff.  The easiest way to spot it is actually by spotting a bigger hanging sign about some ice cream shop that's right beside it, or probably above it.

The place was packed, but there was this one table in direct sunlight that we took.  We had a nice view:

and I was happy to be able to eat and tan at the same time.

what else to order...
We were obviously going to get the guacamole, but then we had to figure out what else we wanted from this place.  The menu is pretty fun but pretty expensive, but fortunately we had access to the entire menu, including the lunch pages with some less expensive options.  We opted for the the guacamole, a dinner appetizer dish of field mushrooms, and a yellowfin lunch salad.

The Guacamole:

The only difference between the recipe for guacamole I was raised with and the one used at Boudro's, which is available online, is that in addition to squeezing in a lime, they squeeze in an orange as well.

They brought out the ingredients to make the guacamole for us right there of course, and the components were housed in these nice jars, everything looking vibrant and fresh.
Red Onions, Roasted Romas and Roasted Serranos
They dice up the avocado here and don't really mash it at all.

Crisp, Fresh Tortilla Chips

Beautiful Guacamole

Yes, it's pretty hard to imagine guacamole getting any better than this.  The freshness, the proportions, just the right amount of heat, so much flavor from the roasted tomatoes and roasted serranos, the generous cilantro, the slight crunch of the red onions mix it.  I'm not sure you need to fly to San Antonio specifically for this guac, but if you're in town, seek this out.

Next up, out Field Mushroom appetizer:


With grilled baked polenta, goat cheese, roma tomatoes and chipotle-thyme demi-glaze
Oh sweet creamy polenta, tangy goat cheese, savory tomatoes, earthy mushrooms, and sweet, hot, sexy chipotle juiciness yeeeeesssss.  At 9 bucks, this was a steal.

Then we split the blackened yellowfin tuna salad:

Haricot verts, roasted red potatoes, mesclun lettuce, ruby red grapefruit, maple vinaigrette, Serrano honey aioli and pineapple pico de gallo

My phone had overheated so badly in the Texas sun, that I had to let it cool off for a while in my bag before I could take it out to photograph this dish.  Neither of us had the willpower to wait for however long that would take before digging in, so this picture was midway through eating.

I don't know what intelligible things I could say about this salad except that putting each bite into my mouth was a sensual joy.  After a week filled with plenty of poor nutrition choices, not to mention that morning, we were so happy to have something so fresh and healthful that was simultaneously one of the most delicious meals I've ever had.

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Menu items I really want to try, Lunch Menu:

Mesquite smoked pork shoulder with black pepper barbeque sauce, chile-pickled onions, Diane’s pickles and apple and fennel citrus slaw

Crispy fried confit of duck on a bed of mixed greens with ginger soy vinaigrette and apricot dipping sauce

with lump blue crab, roasted corn sauce, jicama slaw and serrano aioli

Black bean soup with sherry and white cheddar soup with peppers

Pan-seared lobster tail on a pepper jack cheese and spinach empanada, with avocado, crème fraiche and red pepper chipotle beurre blanc

Braised beef flank steak with sofrito, capers, matchstick radish, cilantro and grilled pineapple on fresh mini corn tortillas

Pricey but fun drinks:

Tequila,Triple Sec and fresh lime juice frozen and layered with Prickly Cactus Pear Puree

Made with fresh strawberries,basil and serrano pepper muddled with mexican key lime, lots of ice and Cachaca

Menu items I really want to try, Dinner.. on the other hand, the dinner menu is really expensive.  Go for lunch.

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