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San Antonio: King William: Taco Haven

Since my parents and I would be in San Antonio for about 24 hours together, my mom wanted us to try out a restaurant she'd read about from Alison Cook, a food writer at the Houston Chronicle.  It's funny, back when I was in newspaper my senior year of high school, my mother wanted me to ask the teacher if I could write restaurant reviews for the school's paper, and here I am 7-8 years later, writing a restaurant review blog.

My mom has been suggesting I read Alison Cook for a while, occasionally sending me articles I usually don't read or only begin to read before realizing I don't need to read about one more restaurant to add to my "one day" list.

Cook is apparently one of those food writers who likes to was poetic, even about down-to-Earth deliciousnesses at Taco Haven such as "2 eggs, papas con chile, barbacoa, beans and quesadilla," which in her article become "a lush landscape of scarlet-coated huevos rancheros by a lake of refried bea…

Best Vegetarian Cafe in Denver - WaterCourse

FA Rating: FF
PRice: $-$$

My Coloradoan friend excitedly took me to WaterCourse (Denver: Uptown), a vegetarian (vegan friendly) restaurant with a fun menu.

We started off by ordering some tea. As an avid coffee addict, I'm not as up on the tea world as some, so I'd never seen this cute tea situation before:

They put it in these things and give you a timer for the steeping, and then you place the container on your cup and it comes out until you take it off and the stop thingy comes down. It's simple really, but I was impressed, and the tea was quite good.

Cortney has a thing for the seitan wings, or at least a thing for buffalo sauce, so we got a serving of those.

They were a bit airy and, well, it's just the nature of getting fake meat that it's not quite meat satisfaction, but they're a handy excuse to eat ranch. The vegan ranch was a little weak, but I expected as much, and it was one of the better vegan ranches I've had. The buffalo sauce was quite hot a…

Apocalypse Now Burger at Nosh Kitchen

I wonder how it would've changed my little day trip to Portland, Maine last week if Eater'd come out with this list beforehand. As it was, I had looked around Urbanspoon and found a few places with interesting menus. I had originally planned a day that involved a $20 burger and bacon dusted fries at Nosh Kitchen for lunch and foie gras poutine for dinner at Hot Suppa.

While allowing myself to eat a delightful lunch at Olea Cafe in Boston last week, I had a life lesson realization moment in which, for one thing, I decided that my plan was insane and wasn't going to happen but that instead I would be eating light things for most of that day and then having the $20 burger without fries for an early dinner.

Now, in reality I had breakfast at home, a cinnamon twist at a cafe with my coffee, accidentally stopped at a wonderful bakery immediately afterwards for third breakfast, ate a shit load of excellent samples at the amazing Whole Foods (damnit) in Portland as well as $4 wort…

Coming Soon

I'm working on some cooking videos, and I can't decided between "Asshole in the Kitchen" and "Asshole Cooking".  Or maybe you have another idea.  Whatdya think?

Best Diner in Capitol Hill Skillet Diner: Seattle

Skillet Diner has the best of both world, diner-wise. The menu is filled with foodie flair, but it's still totally casual and has all the tummy-pleasing greatness at any down-home diner in this great country of ours.

The menu is amazing. The service is friendly. The food is delicious. I love this place.

Boston Beerworks: Boston: Logan Airport

"After accidentally booking a 7:30 P.M. flight instead of a 7:30 A.M. and then waiting until midnight the morning of the flight to call to pay $40 for a same day flight change for the very last seat on the flight, then sleeping only 4 hours in order to get up and get to the airport on time, where I met a 50-something woman who'd been laid off 5 months earlier and had had to get a job paying $10/hour at one of the Au Bon Pains at Boston's Logan International Airport who badly wanted to quit as her feet were now constantly killing her, whom I gave a cigarette and to whom I dashed off to at Au Bon Pains in order to give her my Link Pass that would still be good for the remaining two weeks I'd be en vacance, after waiting in long lines for the boarding pass and the baggage check in and before waiting in the long security line, from which point I proceeded to my gate, arriving at 7:22 to find everyone sitting calmly, thus leading me to assume that boarding had not yet begu…

Denver: Denver International Airport

Here's the good stuff breakdown:

La Casita:
-They have Fat Tire and Ranger IPA from New Belgium Brewery on tap there.
-"Mexican" food at a Denver airport... I doubt it.

Timberline Steaks and Grille:
-They've got a bunch of Left Hand Beers.
-Uninteresting, expensive menu.

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery:
-They've got 4 of their own beers, which in my experience tend to be pretty good
-Somewhat better bar food

Lefty's Mile High Bar and Grille:
-Hazed & Infused, and Single Track
-As far a I can see, they've never received a positive review of their food.

Dunkin' Donuts

When my friend Matt came up from Florida to visit me and Boston, he thought it'd be cute to have a Dunkin' Donut. I took the opportunity to let myself have one of those too. We had only to walk 15 feet in any direction from anywhere we were standing to run into one. We wound up at the non-express one at the Back Bay Station.

I was kind of excited to have a simple donut, perhaps there were simple joys I'd been missing for months on end..

I decided to get a strawberry jelly-filled donut stick:

It was barely flavorful, the outer crust a little hard, almost stale really, the dough inside not very soft, fluffy or dense. And...

A couple of bites later, just when I was becoming horrified, but...

KooKoo Cafe Vs. Olea: Boston: Brookline

If you want a cafe off the Brookline Village stop on the T's Green Line, you have a couple of options. On one side of the street is KooKoo Cafe, on the other, Olea. I chose KooKoo because I saw on my Google Places app that it had higher ratings.

I ordered an americano, happy that I could pay the same amount for a small or a large since they give you two shots either way here. It's nice of them not to charge you for a few ounces more of water.

That being said, it was watered down. That was my bad though. I know I like it stronger than that.

The decor is a yuppie parents/hippies hybrid, the art on the walls was all paintings of either abstract smatterings of color or else birds. The Essential Rumi can be picked off the wall for some reading, presumably accompanied by one of their teas, perhaps the roasted mate latte, a bandwagon they've jumped onto here.
There are three 2-person tables outside, five 2-seaters inside, one larger 3-4 person table, and a child's table with …

Snooze: Ft. Collins, CO

The best restaurant experience I had during my recent short stay in Ft. Collins was hands down at Snooze: An AM Eatery. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that this is the best breakfast I've ever been served in my life.

My friend Cortney, who took me there, got the Sandwich I Am, but she doesn't eat sausage, so she subbed that out for avocado:
On the menu, after the description, it says, "Yes we can!" How freaking cute is that?

I of course tried her food, and it was delicious. The smoked cheddar hollandaise was (which is actually a pretty cool website, in case you've never thought to check it out). The hash browns were good people though not particularly spectacular.

I didn't know how the hell I'd ever choose between The Spring Garden Benny*("a ragout of spinach, asparagus, leeks, and wild mushrooms over toasted ciabatta, and truffled white bean spread, topped with perfect poachers, and cream cheese hollandaise) and the Upstream …