Best Diner in Capitol Hill Skillet Diner: Seattle

Skillet Diner has the best of both world, diner-wise. The menu is filled with foodie flair, but it's still totally casual and has all the tummy-pleasing greatness at any down-home diner in this great country of ours.

Pork belly (or sub fried chicken thigh) & cornmeal waffle with maple braised, 2 eggs - $13

Kale caesar - boquerones, buttery croutons, parmesan, creamy dressing ($7)
You can add fried chicken thigh (for $5) or wild sockeye salmon (for $7)
For a mostly kale dish, really good.

And they have Tapatio!

The menu is amazing. The service is friendly. The food is delicious. I love this place.

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