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"After accidentally booking a 7:30 P.M. flight instead of a 7:30 A.M. and then waiting until midnight the morning of the flight to call to pay $40 for a same day flight change for the very last seat on the flight, then sleeping only 4 hours in order to get up and get to the airport on time, where I met a 50-something woman who'd been laid off 5 months earlier and had had to get a job paying $10/hour at one of the Au Bon Pains at Boston's Logan International Airport who badly wanted to quit as her feet were now constantly killing her, whom I gave a cigarette and to whom I dashed off to at Au Bon Pains in order to give her my Link Pass that would still be good for the remaining two weeks I'd be en vacance, after waiting in long lines for the boarding pass and the baggage check in and before waiting in the long security line, from which point I proceeded to my gate, arriving at 7:22 to find everyone sitting calmly, thus leading me to assume that boarding had not yet begun, which led me to go back to the restroom in order to try desperately to poop before my flight, having been constipated for days and not wishing to deal with this for the 4.5 hour flight or upon arrival in Denver, and then ridiculously also stopping to see what they were selling at the Wolfgang Puck Express because I'm so damn fascinated by menu memes, only to arrive back at the gate at 7:29 where I learned that my plane had in fact just taken off, so that the Jet Blue Attendant put me back on the original flight for 7:30 P.M., you know, the one I'd just gone to pains to pay $40 to change so that I could spend the day in Denver, where my friend Cortney had planned out a whole day with a reserved spot on a tour of the mint, a visit to the capital, and dinner at the WaterCourse Cafe, a highly regarded vegan restaurant, which prompted me to call the JetBlue people to appeal to either human compassion and/or the more capitalistic motivation of customer satisfaction and loyalty by issuing me a refund of the $40 I'd paid to change form the flight that I was now once again going to be on, so that I could find some way to spin this whole thing into positivity that I could at least get that money back, which appeal instead sadly only garnered me the response that not only was there no way I'd be given a refund but that I should be grateful that the JetBlue Attendant, "had gone above and beyond" for me by not charging me a $100 rescheduling fee for the later flight, I have finally found a way to make this positive because life is a process and nothing is "good" or "bad" but simply all part of a system with its ups and downs and all pleasant things lead to unpleasant things and all despairs to joy, and so what's going to happen is that I am, right now, in one of the Au Bon Pains of the Logan airport where the tired, 50-something year old woman from earlier and really the good people of Au Bon Pain have very graciously given me a wonderful breakfast and coffee for free, going to start writing my book."

That's what I wrote in the morning of my 13 hours in Logan Airport on April 18th, 2011.  About 15 minutes later, my computer's battery died and I learned that I had forgotten my charger at home.  I could've gone back to get it as I had plenty of time, but at this point I was dedicated to my quest to spend a whole ridiculous day in the airport.

I did a lot of dancing in bathroom stalls, some talking on the phone, plenty of reading, and a lot of scoping out the whole restaurant situation at Logan.

Finally, when I only had a few hours left, it was time for dinner.  I had long since decided it would be dinner and a beer at Boston Beerworks.

I got into a conversation with the couple next to me, who, it turned out, were having their first meal as newlyweds there, before catching a plane to their honeymoon.  While I'm not sure I would choose to start a marriage with fried bar food and beer, on my The Terminal day I quite enjoyed my Fried Haddock Sandwich and oatmeal stout.

Sauces left to right: tartar sauce, ranch, sunshine aioli

"Fried Haddock Sandwich fresh native haddock, battered & deep fried, served on a buttered, grilled bun, with lettuce, tomato, sunshine aioli, coleslaw"

The sandwich was nice.  It was served fresh and fairly crispy, and the fish tasted good if nondistinct.  The fries I give a 6/10.  They weren't perfectly crispy on the outside, but they served their purpose as a platform for the dipping sauces.

I didn't give a shit about the tartar sauce, but I'm not historically a fan of tartar sauce in general.

The ranch was my favorite kind: pretty thin and very eggy.

The Sunshine Aioli shone.  A creamy dipping sauce with mandarin oranges and shrimp in it?  Yes please.

A closer look at the ranch and the sunshine aioli

So I enjoyed my meal.

Plus my next conversation was with this businessman cum marathon runner.  It was the day of the Boston Marathon, and he did it in 3:20.  He only had 20 minutes for his whole meal, and I learned how awesome airport bar conversations could be because it was of necessity a rapid fire affair.  He could keep up with my pace!  We covered so much ground in 20 minutes, and it was delightful,  He said he might be able to hook me up with an editor for my book, but sadly, I seem to have lost his card :[

I had one more nice conversation with a woman from New York after that, and then I finally headed off to Colorado.

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