Vegetarian Feast at Taj Mahal

Indian food always tastes fucking delicious. And I've always been treated graciously at Indian restaurants. This place was no exception on either point. For maybe the only time this has ever happened in my life, at Taj Mahal (Fort Collins, CO) everyone in my four person party got the same thing: The Vegetarian Combination Thali plate for $16.95. Here are some pictures of our feast:

Complimentary Pappadam Appetizer with Three Sauces

This is one of the things I love most about Indian food. You get a veritable feast, almost no matter what you order.

The Vegetarian Thali includes a samosa, dal, vegetable korma, saag, paneer, rice, raita, and bread

And you get kheer for dessert: rice pudding with almonds & raisins

Additionally, you get herbal tea, chai, or coffee.

On the menu, there's a very cute note next to the chai: "Due to be (sic) cost of the spices we can only offer one or two refills for free"

Points of interest on the menu:

-Salt Lassi - $4 (Never heard of that before!)
-Special Egg Curry - Choice hard boiled eggs cooked to perfection in an enticingly spiced sauce $13.95
-Meat Ball Curry - Ground lamb balls cooked in a special gravy sauce $12.95

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