Dunkin' Donuts

When my friend Matt came up from Florida to visit me and Boston, he thought it'd be cute to have a Dunkin' Donut. I took the opportunity to let myself have one of those too. We had only to walk 15 feet in any direction from anywhere we were standing to run into one. We wound up at the non-express one at the Back Bay Station.

I was kind of excited to have a simple donut, perhaps there were simple joys I'd been missing for months on end..

I decided to get a strawberry jelly-filled donut stick:

It was barely flavorful, the outer crust a little hard, almost stale really, the dough inside not very soft, fluffy or dense. And...

Where the hell was the filling?!

A couple of bites later, just when I was becoming horrified, but...

It finally started up.

It wasn't worth the wait.

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