Smart Fries Versus Skinny Fries

I saw Trader Joe's product first since I spend a lot of time there.

Skinny Fries

These are less than 2 calories per piece, 110 calories per 65 pieces (1 oz) serving, making this whole 3 oz bag 330 calories, so that accidentally eating the whole thing in one sitting isn't too bad.  Which you may well do because these little suckers are addictive.  They're so simple, yet so good.  They're crunchy and light, but with plenty of good salty potato flavor.  (Update from February 2012: I don't know if they used to be different or else what kind of crack I was smoking that day, but these aren't that great.  Maybe if you're really hungry they're scrumptious, but otherwise they're pretty damn bland.  I'm thinking about trying them again but this time shaking some fresh black pepper, cayenne and/or rosemary in the bag, shaking it up, and then eating it.  I'll let ya know.)

At the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge, I surveyed the place for at least somewhat healthful options and was happy enough to find "Smart Fries."  I had to pay $3 for a 1 oz bag, but that's what I get for not coming prepared to a movie theatre.

Honey BBQ Smart Fries

The awesome thing about the Gourmet Basics Smart Fries is that, as opposed to Trader Joe's one flavor of Skinny Fries (regular), is that the Smart ones are available in Honey BBQ, Jalapeno Heat, Vinegar Splash, Vintage Cheddar, Classic Sea Salt, and Honey Mustard & Onion.

1 Honey BBQ Smart Fry

These were nice.  They had a hint of sweetness and some cute little bbq flavoring on them.  The best thing is that the 1 oz really goes on for a good while.  It's hard to believe that whole bag was only 110 calories.

Having tasted the two brands and compared the nutritional information, I'm going to venture the guess that this is another product Trader Joe's has private labeled, that Skinny Fries in fact are the same thing, or virtually the same thing, as Smart Fries Classic Sea Salt.

Incidentally, I was at Kendall Square Cinema to see Miranda July's new film The Future.  Miranda July herself told me to watch it today:

Yup, that was my question!!

I'm not sure what happened to my name on the website, and I can't tell if she's being weird funny about suggesting that I might be going to DC or Virginia from Boston to watch the movie, but she did just make a robbing a house joke, so maybe.  To see what was happening with these videos, go here.

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