Black Sheep Lodge: Austin: South Lamar

Back in April when I got to go to Austin, I met up with some friends at a wonderful bar called Black Sheep Lodge.  It's a popular spot, often crowded, since you can get great beers (26 on tap), with lots of great specials, good screens for game-watching, a pool table and some video games.  I was there for Thursdays, when it's $1 off drafts and $2 margaritas!

I was so delighted by this place that I'd say it was a significant part of my idea that I will eventually move back to Texas to Austin.  I mean, what more could you want in a bar than this?  The food and the drinks are delicious and interesting at great prices.  In Texas, people know how to have a good time instead of pretentious bull shit.  I really wanted one of the cute black sheep t-shirts, but I had been spending so much money on this trip that I had to stop short of that.

512 Pecan Porter 

Keith’s Corndog Bites: Nathan's franks cut
bite sized, dipped in homemade batter, and
golden fried. Served with our Curry Ketchup $6.25"
It's usually served with curry ketchup, but we got it with chipotle mayo instead, which made the golden fried corn dough and frank bites even more delicious.  Though be aware the chipotle mayo is a mayo and not a ranch.  I bet it'd be awesome mixed with beer mustard or even curry ketchup.  And I wanna try the jalapeno aioli!

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Remember, despite what some of my non-Texan friends think, even in Texas you can't drink and drive!  Since we're talking about Austin, it may also be worth noting that drinking and riding your bike is dangerous too.

    More things I'd like to eat:

    • Cheese Curds Baby nuggets of white cheddar, straight from the Badger State. Beer-battered and lightly fried with a side of ranch for dipping. $6.99
    • Little Stinkers 3 ground beef & roasted garlic sliders topped w/ gorgonzola butter  and mixed greens. $7.99 comes with side of Tater Tots, Battered Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings
    • Carnitas Sandwich Texas style – moist pulled pork w/ green chiles, and topped with our homemade spicy slaw. $7.99 comes with side of Tater Tots, Battered Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings
    • Fried Cookie Dough   $ 4.50  Eight Otis Spunkmeyer nuggets fried and served over 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream.  But please, dear god, share this with somebody.

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