The Thank You Bitches & Seaside Cafe at Carson Beach

FA Rating: f+
Price: $
Fry Rating: 9/10

The food option at Carson Beach, adjacent the public restrooms, is a little joint called Seaside Cafe.

From Googling it and searching my food websites I found that this place was off the radar, and so it became my duty to try it.

Their Menus

I would've liked to have tried their lobster roll for comparison, but instead I saved $4.50 by opting for one of their specials, a clam roll with fries for $9.50. We'll see how they do clams before I spring for lobster here, I decided.

You order at a window, pay your cash (cash only), receive a number, and then come pick your food up when they call you.  They have a condiment section at the window with ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, and diced white onions.

Fried clam roll with fries and fixin's - a daily special for $9.50

The fries were perfectly salted, crisp on outside, potatoey on the inside, served fresh and hot. I give them a 9/10 fry rating, only imperfect because I'm a fan of seasoned fries.The ranch I acquired from the lady at the window was thicker than my favorite but pretty damn good. Even better was the tartar sauce, both for the sandwich and the fries. I believe this is the first time I've ever really enjoyed tartar sauce, so this was a big deal. It was good, more ranchy than most tartar sauces.

As for the fried clam sandwich, they do the simple buttered toast platform here, of which I definitely am a fan.

You can see the delicious golden fried clam situation here. I enjoyed this immensely. If I ever come back to Carson beach, I'll definitely spring for the lobster roll.

The Seating

As you can see, there are several sets of tables and chairs to choose from, overlooking the cute beach.  Alternately, you could walk down a hundred yards or so to this little gazebo type option:

A very cute place to eat lunch, either in the gazebo or, if that's taken, at one of the benches - what a great place for a party

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