Bon Me: Boston: Food Truck

Boston has several banh mi places now, but a lot of them are pretty flawed. Fortunately, the Bon Me truck (and their newer brick and mortar location) is doing it right.

Spice-rubbed All Natural Chicken Banh Mi - $6

The bread was toasted to crumbly crunchiness but not hard. They asked if I wanted jalapenos, which I did, and they gave a the perfect amount, lining the sandwich with one layer of fresh slices. The sriracha is out for each customer to choose how to use. I love being able to get my spicy just right, instead of being asked if I want it "spicy or not?" or "mild, medium, or hot?"

The chicken was flavorful, dark and white mingling together for the full chicken spectrum, with now chewy fat pieces accidentally mixed in. Pickled carrots and daikon, red onions, check check yum. The pate layer was great. Their housemade spicy mayo was a wonderful example of my orange-is-the-perfect-sauce-color rule.  Yum yum yum.

My only criticism is that they could've given me more cilantro. It mostly came as a sprig on either end of the sandwich. More cilantro!

The coconut braised chicken special (bottom) was good because it was pulled chicken and had a creamy sauce. The BBQ pork one (top) is in chunks and has a sweet sauce instead of a creamy one. 

How it looks if it takes you an hour or so to carry them home to your woman.
Left: Miso-braised Pulled Pork: M
aybe the best one so far, with so much pork. I always forget how big these are. Probably, ounce for ounce, considering all the filling and the size, these are at least as cheap as the Chinatown ones.
Right: Coconut Braised Chicken again

"Deviled" Tea Eggs topped with that housemade orange spicy mayo heaven sauce, scallions and aleppo pepper - And they're tasty, but pretty simple. I guess I was hoping for a little more topping.

They also have beloved Vietnamese Ice Coffee, as well as Thai-basil Lemonade, Spicy Ginger Lemonade, and unsweetened organic iced green tea, all for just $2.50. (16 ounce cups if my eyes and memory serve)

And they're part of Level Up (click here to get $5 free Level Up bucks, which gets me $5 too)!  Hooray!

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