Laloo's Goat Ice Cream

Once I discovered, about a year ago, that despite my lactose intolerance I could indeed have goat's milk products without problems, I went on a bit of a goat spree (all types of goat cheeses on everything, goat's milk for cereal, goat's milk smoothies, goat's milk lattes, goat yogurt (or goagurt, if you will), and once, from a lady at the Greenmarket in Union Square, some goat's milk ice cream).  By the way, the smoothies, lattes and even the cereal are all pretty bad ideas, the goat's milk is just too pungent to achieve the right balance.

The ice cream (gice cream?  Oh never mind) was nice to have, but it wasn't as smoothly creamy as you want in ice cream.  It was more crystalline, like regular ice cream that you've accidentally freezer burned.

I also got so goated out by the end of this two week long goat spree that I didn't want anything more from them for several months.

Except maybe a cuddle session.  I mean look how fucking cute this little nugget is!
I seem to have recovered a couple of months ago.

Also, a national chain of goat's milk ice cream emerged on the market a few years ago.  I paid $8 a pint a time or two at a small gourmet grocery bodega near the Brooklyn Trader Joe's for Laloo's before realizing the best price I could find this stuff at was at Whole Foods (one of the few things about which that can be said) at $7 a pint.  That's still quite an investment, especially for someone who likes to accidentally eat whole pints of ice cream in one sitting, and so I've only had a few flavors so far.

Their flavors:

1. Deep Chocolate* (160 calories for 1/2 cup, 640 for pint): I have no notes or pictures for this, but I remember it being tasty and creamier than the Greenmarket lady's.

2. Black Mission Fig (150 for 1/2 cup, 600 for pint): I really don't understand how it is I haven't tried this yet.  I think every time I've been at a store that's carried it it just hasn't been a time when I could have even semi-reasonably rationalized eating a pint and also wasn't going to be getting home to a freezer for a couple of hours at least.

3. Rumplemint (180 for 1/2 cup, 720 for pint): Dark chocolate + mint, excited?  Mint chocolate isn't usually my favorite thing, but I have a feeling this is going to be an exception.

4. Vanilla Snowflake (140 for 1/2 cup, 560 for pint): Predictably, I haven't gotten around to this one.  This one has won some acclaim though, apparently "inspired by the simple yet complex beauty of a snowflake" as it is.  I bet it's awesome, especially if you are a vanillaphile, but it will inevitably be the last one I try.  If you have a recipe or dessert plan that requires a simple vanilla base, this is of course quite helpful. 

5. Capraccino: The name alone is too cute to not eat.  It's made with espresso beans, so you do have to be in a position where you want ice cream and caffeine at the same time, which usually does not happen in my life, but I can't wait to make an exception.

6. Strawberry Darling (130 calories for 1/2 cup, 520 for the pint):  "Swirls of balsamico with strawberries in sweet cream"  This one's got the lowest calorie count so far, and it's not that bad!  Thus, I let myself have the whole thing in one sitting, of fucking course.

The balance of nice chunks of strawberry and fudge-like balsamic swirls was harmonious.  The consistency of this goat business is still not quite as creamy as the cow cream, and the strawberry flavor throughout the stuff has almost that weird fake-ish flavor of the Arctic Zero "ice cream."

But, really, the fudgey balsamic alone makes this stuff worth it.

Apparently they now also have probiotic frozen goat yogurt ice creams (170 1/2 cup or 680 for the pint):

1. Cherries Tuilerie - Cherries and Swiss Dark Chocolate: one day

2. Cajeta de Leche - Mexican Caramel plus Texas Toffee Brickle: oh my, that sounds good

3. Forestberry

4. Brownie and Clyde

*what a good porn star name

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