Bourbon Coffee (Main Location in DC): NYC: Union Square

On a recent ridiculous NYC trip, I spent some time in the AM bouncing from place to place, reading and writing until the event I had come for started.  After Veselka, at about 6:30 AM I headed here to Bourbon Coffee for some coffee.  No, not with Bourbon at 6:30 in the morning.  They actually don't have any alcohol at this coffee shop.  The name comes from a variety of coffee called Bourbon Arabica that grows wild in Rwanda.

This coffee shop has replaced one that used to be there called Urban Coffee.  They sell Crop to Cup coffee from five different regions in Rwanda. I'm not sure they have everything on this menu at the Manhattan location.  I certainly don't remember that much being available when I visited, but, then, it was 6:30 AM.  They did have some pastries out that looked good, especially the scones.

What I did see that they have is a large space with lots of comfortable seating and really nice restrooms (single person restrooms, one for each gender).

Here's just a fraction of the seating, and look at the nice ambience they keep!

The sink in the women's restroom

The coffee I had (I'm not sure from which region) was a little expensive, a little bitter, and a little weak. I'm not sure either what happened to my picture of it or why I didn't take one, probably because sometimes I feel insane when I take pictures of cups of coffee. I hadn't read all this Rwanda business beforehand, so now I'm curious to taste the different coffees for comparison and contrast. I'm sure I'll be taking my coffee assholery to this level soon.

There's agave nectar, cane syrup, cream, skim, and whole available on the coffee bar for those who so adulterate.

Apparently there's a Boston location in the works.

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What I'd like to try food-wise:

  • Ham & Brie W/Rosemary Fig Confit
  • Spicy Port & Black Bean Burrito
  • Hazelnut Bearclaw
  • The Scones

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